Caitlin Tadlock

You know you have reached ridiculous star status when your cat is Googleable. On my Tumblr dashboard I come across some interesting and sometimes odd facts and images about people. Over the weekend my blogging platform gave way to something more odd than interesting. Someone posted, what looked like to be a cellphone photo of a cat, that was labeled "New pic, Jella". I thought, "aww, what a sick lookin' cat they have!" and, went on with life. Later, someone else reblogged the photo on my dashboard, and I thought, "Why would someone reblog a picture of a cat? It isn't that interesting." I glanced at the name originating sources, and the names were "kstewlove" and "iheartkstew", Kristen Stewart Tumblrs. Could it be? This ferocious leopard looking feline is Kristen Stewart's cat? I guess it could be, I mean, I don't really care.

Young girls, and older ones, follow Kristen Stewart in anything she is spotted doing, wearing, or saying, and it's easy to do! At Coolspotters, Kristen has been the number one celebrity trending for over a year! On Kristen's page you can learn what kind of makeup she wore to last month's Eclipse premiere and where to get the pair of vintage Converse Bellaire sneakers from her latest paparazzi shot, scary and true. Thanks to Google and Stewart's faithful bloggers I now know many facts about her cat Max, nicknamed Jella.

Type "Jella" into Google and you immediately get hit with Web titles about Stewart's cat. But, search "Jella" in the News category and get 339 related posts to her cat and Robert Pattinson. I have learned that Jella/Max is a 6-years-old Bengal cat, was on the set of her 2006 movie The Messengers, greets her at the door when she comes home, is kind of like a dog, why she nicknamed him Jella, and, that there could possibly be a photo of Kristen, Rob, and Max on her iPod, courtesy of an accidentally nosy Elle UK reporter.

With all this new information about Kristen Stewart's cat I expect a Twitter impersonator of Jella to pop up in the next few weeks, so you best be getting on that Twilight fans! And, watch out Kristen, your cat may be giving you a run for your money!