Caitlin Tadlock

Friday night, July 23rd, the popular rock band, Kings of Leon was pooped on, by a bird. The band held a concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. Thousands of people attended the concert, even during a heat advisory.

Kings of Leon left after performing only three songs! A staffer came on stage after the band left and announced, "due to concerns over the band's safety, we are cancelling the show. Please file out in an orderly fashion." No one at the concert got an official word why they band left until they checked Twitter.

The band's drummer, Nathan Followill, tweeted after leaving St. Louis, "so sorry St. Louis. We had to bail, pigeons shitting in Jared's mouth. Too unsanitary to continue." and, "don't take it out on Jared, it's the fucking venues fault. You may enjoy being shit on but we don't. Sorry for all who traveled many miles."

From last night's event we can now tell how high maintenance these pretty boys are. It is too bad that St. Louis couldn't get the birdies out of the sky for Jared. It is not the venue's fault, Kings of Leon, it's mother nature's. Listen to the audio from last night's show at

I got pooped on by a bird while walking into graduation this past May. I didn't storm out before getting my diploma blaming the school for being unsanitary, but it probably would have made the ceremony more entertaining.