Veronica Roberts

July 21, 2010]------Posted this when I first arrived at Allvoices and feel the need to flip the script just a little bit. We are bombarded with the political dramas, the financial finaglings, the bizarre and the tragic. Time to share a little light-hearted love.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Contrary to the frequently lamented phrase, love can be maneuvered simply. Treat him the way you want to be treated. Treat her the same. Reciprocate.

PASSION: Feel it. Breathe it. Exude it. Give it. Be open to receiving it. Give as good as you get. The passion/Pleasure principle should apply in all areas of your life not just the bedroom. The most important sex organ is the brain. Love making starts way before the boudoir. If you haven't been treating each other right throughout the day, don't be angry if the love flow falters, then fails later that night.

RESPECT: Respect her. Treat her like your Queen. Treat him like your King. Respect him.

LISTEN: Communication is paramount. Don't patronize her. Don't pretend to hear her...Listen to what she has to say. Keep it relevant ladies. Sometimes we pile on too much at once on our man and then act shocked and hurt when he tunes out. Don't wait until he sits down to watch his favorite sports on TV or pounce on him as he barely closes the door after work. You want his undivided attention, create the time when you will get just that. And don't need to be heard too. Don't be dismissive and condescending.

LAUGH: Someone once said that laughter was a smile having an orgasm....hilarious! I think he summed it up perfectly. So laugh as hard as you can, as often as you can. Sounds clichéd but laughter is really the best medicine.....and sometimes laughing at yourself is the best of all. Lighten up.....don't take yourself too seriously.

SUPPORT: Be each others champion. Life will not always be easy but remember to remain in each others corner. Don't emasculate him if he it loss of job or failure of his business...prop him up. For better or worse remember? However men, you have to channel that strength..pick up the pieces and fight for your family. Don't leave it all on her shoulders. The heavy load can weigh her down...burn her out..dim the wattage of your love...

Always remember she is your Queen and he is your King. Treat each other royally.

Written By Veronica P Roberts 4.13.10 All Rights Reserved.