Darren Richardson

July 20, 2010

President Obama has a birthday coming up on Aug. 4, but how old will he be?

Obama’s official biography says that he was born in 1961 in Hawaii (see photo of birth certificate here), yet at the time this report was filed, his official MySpace page says he is 52.

Punditty isn’t the most mathematical savvy wordmonger, but he did pass all his arithmetic classes. Let’s see, 2010 minus 1961 equals 49. So if Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is correct, Obama will be 49 in about two weeks

Then why does Obama’s official MySpace page have him listed as 52?

We all know the president has much more important things to do than check in on MySpace (although he would probably like some of the songs on Punditty’s playlists), but one would think someone employed on the taxpayer dime would fix it to reflect his actual age.

If this Punditty Project report can actually result in someone fixing the age on Obama’s official MySpace page, then we can all be sure that the age of Citizen Journalism has truly arrived.

Punditty isn’t sure what to make of a second Obama MySpace page, but even though it does have the president’s correct age, the biographical information was written before he was elected president.

Stay tuned for follow-up reports as events warrant.

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