Veronica Roberts

June 24 Massachusetts]----- An elementary school in Massachusetts, will be handing out free condoms to kids from kindergarten to fifth grade. According to ABC News, beginning this fall, the Veterans Memorial School in Provincetown, as part of their safe sex education effort, will make the prophylactic available to all students.

There is no age limit, so any child can request the condoms. School officials aren't concerned that this might be too much for children this young. They are more worried about the system of distribution not being "discreet" enough.

One education official, Shannon Patrick, is quoted as saying, "They have to go and ask for it. I'd rather them not have the conversation (with counselors) and have the condom than not have the condom."

However, not everyone is this liberal about the condom distribution. Kris Mineau, president of the conservative Massachusetts Family Institute, is reported as saying the policy was ridiculous.

What do you this too young for condom distribution? Or a positive step in safe sex education?