Caitlin Tadlock

The famed Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart, who just celebrated her 20th birthday, can now add purse designer to her list of credentials.  The bag, featured above, is a smiley face with the word "yess" and Kristen's autograph in the corner.

To celebrate the China opening of the luxury brand, Coach, Stewart contributed her piece of art that will be a part of the charity activity "Star Totes".  Coach invited celebrities from around the world to contribute artistic creations on their handbags.

Coach will open 15 stores in China this year.  The brand is not popular in China so the help of "Star Totes" will boost the awareness of their new stores.

Kristen Stewart's handbag will be auctioned on the internet with proceeds going to The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.  The auction starts May 13th.  Visit Coach China for more details.