Darren Richardson


March 11, 2010

The Punditty Project was happy to see Jeff Bridges win the 2009 Best Actor Oscar for his role as country singer Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart.” It was easily one of his best roles in a long line of great performances and turned what would have otherwise been an average script into an Oscar-quality film.

Bridges has long been one of TPP’s favorite actors, and with more than 70 films to his credit, there’s plenty of great acting to choose from if you want to see more.

Punditty has seen about 40 or 45 of Bridges’ films, enough to recommend five films in addition to the award-winning “Crazy Heart.” Absent from the list below are “The Big Lebowski” (1998) and “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,” (1974) two outstanding films that are obvious picks for great Jeff Bridges performances. They are omitted here simply because they are such obvious picks – so in effect, you are getting recommendations for seven more great Jeff Bridges roles.

Bottom line: Put all seven films in your Netflix queue or keep them in mind for your next trip to the video store. If you like great acting, you will not be disappointed.

 “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” 2009. Bridges plays Sgt. Bill Django, a Vietnam veteran who has a near-death experience on the battlefield and later becomes a shaman of sorts for a secret U.S. Army remote viewing program. Classic Bridges and actually a better film than “Crazy Heart," but Bridges doesn't get as much screen time as he did in his Oscar-winning role.

“The Door in the Floor,” 2004. Bridges takes on the role of artist and chidlren’s book author Ted Cole in this adaptation of the 1998 John Irving novel “A Widow for One Year.”

“Arlington Road,” 1999. Bridges shines as politically minded professor Michael Farraday in this riveting tale of conspiracy and deceit.

“Fearless,” 1993. As  Max Klein, a survivor of a plane crash, Bridges gives one of his finest performances.

“Jagged Edge,” 1985. Bridges stars as Jack Forrester  in one of the best suspense and mystery films of the 1980s.

On a final note, a big congratulations to Jeff Bridges for his recent Oscar win. TPP is looking forward to his role as U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn in the remake of “True Grit,” scheduled to open in theatres in 2011.

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Sources: The filmography at JeffBridges.com, The Internet Movie Data Base.