Anne Sewell

In an effort to give pause to the use of predator drones, an artists collective has installed a huge poster of a child's face in a field of a heavily-bombed area of Pakistan. The artists hope that this will make drone operators think before considering searching the area for kills.

The campaign has been dubbed #NotABugSplat, referring to the description given by drone operators to kills on the ground as "bug splats" when viewed in grainy video footage. What the operator will now see using the drone camera is not just an anonymous dot on the landscape, but an innocent child victim’s face.

The poster was installed by the artists with the help of villagers in a field in the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa region of Pakistan. The Foundation for Fundamental Rights has said that the unnamed child featured in the poster lost her parents and also two young siblings to a drone attack.

Now the collective hopes to create awareness among drone operators of the loss of human life, or "collateral damage" as it is referred to by the military, when using drones to attack targets on the ground in Pakistan. Reportedly the poster is big enough to be captured as an image by passing satellites.

According to #NotABugSplat, the artists involved in the action are associated with French artist JR’s ‘Inside Out’ movement. The #NotABugSplat website linked below has photos of the poster on the ground surrounded by children, that give a better idea of its massive size.



JR's Inside Out Movement

Foundation for Fundamental Rights