Joe Kukura

Add to your ad:tech San Francisco to-do list the winning of a Vizio 50” 4KTV, an Xbox One, iPad Mini or Pebble Smartwatch that no one in your accounting department needs to know anything about. These prizes and more are up for grabs in ad:tech's array of promotional contests in which a few lucky winners are taking home some sweet high-end toys and hardware.

These promotional contests generally involve tweeting pictures from certain ad:tech SF booths, making social mentions of certain exhibitors or engaging other ad:tech attendees to do the same. As you can imagine, those who tweet, mention or engage with more booths and exhibitors are going to have a better chance at winning the really good prizes. And from a general life standpoint, these are also activities that will help improve your Klout Score.

The granddaddy of all games at ad:tech is the DashTAGG ad:tech San Fran Challenge. This is the game offering the 4KTV, the Xbox One, iPad Mini and the Pebble Smartwatch. It's free to play and all you need is the DashTAGG app on your smartphone or mobile device. DashTAGG is sponsoring this contest at ad:tech SF but any brand or business can create their own sponsored DashTAGG contest.

DashTAGG is not a simple "scan as many QR codes as possible" game. Players really do need to engage, take pictures and actively look for the QR codes to win. In the DashTAGG ad:tech Challenge, some of the booths and people will creatively hide the QR code in difficult places. Competitiveness and hilarity tend to ensue.

You can see video of the DashTAGG game in action at ad:tech New York 2013 this past November.

"It was super fun," said Dianna Antlocer, a New York marketing executive who won the iPad Mini at ad:tech NY. "The QR codes are the most fun part. [Even] more fun than finding the people."

When's the last time you heard someone use the terms "super fun" and "QR code" in the same sentence? DashTAGG's app-based gamification offers a clever and whimsical way to downplay the inherent awkwardness of being from out-of-town at a trade show where you don't really know anybody.

So go out there at ad:tech and tag, scan and photograph away for the DashTAGG ad:tech San Fran Challenge. But once you leave the grounds of the Moscone Event Center, do realize that some of the locals don't care for the nickname "San Fran".

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