Barry Eitel

As of this weekend, we now know who is playing in the Super Bowl (and you probably now also have heard of Richard Sherman). The two teams playing Feb. 2 will be the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Knowing this, of course, helps immensely with figuring out how to decorate and configure your Super Bowl party. No matter which team all your guests are rooting for, there are a lot of options to inject some team spirit into the affair.

The colors for the Denver Broncos are orange and blue. The colors for the Seattle Seahawks are blue and green.


A classy way to bring colors into your Super Bowl party is to bring in some fresh cut flowers. Live plants are fine, too. It might be sort of difficult to find fresh flowers in orange this time of year, so a good substitute is to make faux flowers with tissue paper. This also works for trying to put some green or you can use some foliage.


A pretty cheap and easy way to bring team colors into the party is to coordinate the napkins, paper plates and glassware to match the colors for whatever team everyone is into. You can find the necessary supplies at any party supply store or most grocery stores will start carrying tableware in the proper color schemes as the time gets closer.


Along with tableware, use some ribbon and table runners to add dashes of team colors to the party. Unlike flowers, they won’t get gross after time and require only simple cleanup. Use wider ribbons to run the length of the serving table.


Perhaps the most fun way to bring colors into the Super Bowl party is with alcohol. There’s plenty of different ways to bring in orange, blue and green onto the menu. A wide array of fruit juices and sodas can be used to add colors to drinks. Orange juice is a simple way, and a way to get some blue cocktails and shots is to add a splash of blue curacao. If you’ve got some forethought – and you’re not afraid of getting a little college – you can make Jello shots in the teams’ colors. Just prep the shots before the game (you can even get in some layering action if you feel like getting impressive) and by the time guests arrive you’ll be set.

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