Stephanie Weaver

The Super Bowl is a time for a football fan’s friends and family to come together and watch the biggest game of the year. In some households, the Super Bowl can be as important as a holiday get-together. Whether you eat meat or vigilantly stick to a vegan lifestyle, you can still host the ultimate Super Bowl bash, regardless of your cuisine choices.

Know Your Guests Diet Preferences

Before stocking up on chicken wings, pepperoni pizza and dip made from dairy products, take an inventory of all of your guest’s diet preferences. Now a days, many people stick to a vegan, vegetarian or organic lifestyle for health reasons.

Send out your invitations early and have your guests clarify their diet preferences. If you know some of your pals live a vegan lifestyle, be sure to take note of that while grocery shopping.

Take Note of their Sports Gear

Tell your guests to show up to the party in their favorite sports team’s gear because it is finally time to pick between the two teams. Take careful note of what people are wearing. Folks that are vegan will not wear apparel that is made from leather, wool or any other animal products. That’s a big no-no for vegans.

Talk to Guests

Make a phone list of all of your guests who RSVP to the party and ask them about their food restrictions. If they are vegan, ask them to bring a plate of their own yummy snacks to the event. You can then pass around the vegan food to the meat eaters and see what they think.

Tofu Meat

There are plenty of scrumptious vegan meats available that taste just like the real thing. Put a platter of seitan chicken wings next to the actual wings, but be sure to label which is which. You never know – sometimes the carnivores may prefer the vegan choice!


Don’t worry too much about your alcoholic choices you will be providing. There are many different vegan beer options for you to choose from, such as Brick, Blue Bridge, Dallas County and Dock Street.

By providing your guests with food that caters to their lifestyle, your Super Bowl party will be a huge hit!

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