Herbert Dyer, Jr.

We've all been taught that the lion is the “king of beasts,” right?

For over 45 minutes, two hungry young lions stalked an African Cape Water Buffalo in the Mjejane Reserve of South Africa's Kruger National Park. One of the lions eventually lost its patience, waiting for the buffalo to tire and pounced upon the hapless and -- momentarily -- helpless bovine.

The lion's fellow feline friend joined in the attack and helped in bringing the big black buffalo down. However, this second lion apparently sensed danger and left the scene. The first lion, driven -- blinded -- by hunger apparently, ignored the warning signs, and prepared to dig into some super-fresh -- literally still kicking -- African Cape Buffalo..

Ian Matheson, 52, and his son Oliver, 16, just happened to be on an early morning safari in Kruger Park when they first spotted the two lions following the African buffalo.

They surreptitiously followed (and filmed) the moving scene for a full 45 minutes. It is no telling how long the lions had been after the buffalo before the Mathesons came along.

As the prey was being dragged down by the lions, it plaintively cried out for help. Within minutes, a cavalry of sorts arrived in the form of two regular sized buffaloes, and a veritable giant bull buffalo.

Without the slightest hesitation, the gigantic bull marched straight to where the lion was hunkered down. The lion ignored him still. He was busy -- licking both his chops as well as the pulsating area of his prey's flank. He opened his huge mouth revealing 4-inch fangs ready to plunge them deep into the writhing black flesh.

Our fearless, giant bull lowered its huge head which was protected and supported by a spread of two rock-solid bone horns. Like an impenetrable helmet, they covered, protected, and stretched across his entire skull. They had to measure close to four-feet across, tip-to-tip.

With an effortless snap of its thick neck, the big bull launched our young lion straight up 15 feet into the air – twice.

His first landing left him dazed, confused...perhaps shocked.

But he came down even harder the second time around. He knew now he was outclassed and by whom. His hunger had disappeared and been replaced by sheer survival instinct. Adrenaline forced him up on all fours, and he ran, tail between legs, scampering off camera and into the "bush."

There, presumably, he met up with his wiser friend, and they commiserated as he licked his wounds.

The attached YouTube video lists one commentator on this remarkable scene as saying: “I love this!! I always watch these lions attack and brutally kill their prey. It’s about time they get a taste of their own medicine!”

And, so now, after seeing this, who would you say really is the “king of beasts”?