Veronica Roberts

Believe it or not, they come in different colors and not all birthers who believe President Barack Obama was born in Kenya are white cuckoo conservatives.

There seem to be black birthers as well, and one is spewing a fantastical conspiracy theory that will make your head hurt.

Rev. James David Manning, a self-declared birther who leads his flock at the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, has a video making the rounds online in which he claims Obama had the mother of his “love child” killed outside the White House.

He is referring to Miriam Carey, who was killed Oct. 3 as she allegedly tried to drive through a barricade at the White House with her baby strapped in the car.

According to Manning, the 34-year-old mother from Connecticut was murdered to keep Obama’s secret affair and love child on the down-low. He points to the family calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Carey’s death and their lawyer Eric Sanders’ arrest as proof of this stunning affair/murder coverup.

“No one has come to the aid of this slaughtered woman, which means they are protecting something that they feel is far more important, and that’s the hardcore, incontrovertible evidence and that which is being protected is Barack Hussein Obama,” said Manning, adding, “Case closed.”

Not even ABC’s drama "Scandal," where the political intrigue, affairs, corruption and assassinations are deeply decadent, could compete with the good reverend’s theory.

Manning, who believes Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore our illegitimate president, now believes that he was having sex with a dental hygienist from Connecticut and fathered her baby. He adds the family is asking for a paternity test to determine the baby’s daddy, but so far, he is the only source of this bit of information.

But as wild as the love child/murder story gets, he is not the only one who is pushing this tall tale.

The What Does It Mean website adds even more to the story, claiming Russian intelligence can prove Obama had an affair with Carey in 2011.

It all started when the president visited New London, Conn., to address the Coast Guard graduating class and needed emergency dental attention. Apparently Obama had gotten something stuck in his teeth and had to be rushed to the dentist. It was there he saw the beautiful, irresistible Carey and just had to have her.

They both carried on a secret affair from that day until she became pregnant. She gave birth to the child and perhaps the stress of the secret got to her and propelled her to drive to D.C. that fatal day Obama sent his goons to silence her.

Told you not even "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes could come close to these fantastic yarns.

Back to Rev. Manning: I do not know what Obama did to this man of God, but it sure looks like he despises him. This is not the first time the 66-year-old preacher has promoted fantastical stories. He once interviewed a woman who swore a teenaged Obama had traded gay sex for cocaine, and you can catch him on YouTube spewing all things anti-Obama on his show "The Manning Report."

I thought churches, with their cushy tax-exempt status, were supposed to stay out of politics? It would be nice to see the reverend this fired up about poverty in his community, low wages, drugs and mass incarceration, racial profiling, substandard schools and other ills plaguing our neighborhoods.