Reno Berkeley

What do you get when you add a Fort Bragg soldier, a willing wife, two mixed breed dogs and an internet connection? Well, with Ruben Chance James Fox and Amber Nicole Fox, you get doggy porn. The Fayetteville Observer reported on Tuesday that the couple are accused of multiple sex acts with dogs and uploading the videos to a website.

Details are sketchy about the specific sex acts the couple committed against the canines, but the city of Raeford police have indicted them on charges of conspiracy, crimes against nature involving bestiality and disseminating obscene materials. Amber Nicole was also indicted for soliciting a crime against nature.

After receiving a tip from a cybercrime unit in Fairfax County, Virginia, the local police force searched the Fox home, where they found computer and recording equipment, along with two dogs and three cats. The pets were taken to a local shelter but it is unclear yet whether it is a no-kill shelter or a kill shelter.

Ruben Fox is currently a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, but that could change if he and his wife both are convicted.

This case reminds me of Tea Party activist and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi. Three months ago, Corsi claimed that gay rights will result in the acceptance of bestiality and encourage the legalization of snuff films. He has also accused President Obama of being secretly gay which is a preposterous proposition itself. There is no verified scientific link between homosexuality and bestiality, and Corsi knows it.

The Fort Bragg couple are both presumably heterosexual, and yet the 23-year-old married couple thought it would be a great idea to take videos of themselves in various sex acts with the family pets and post them for the world to see. They are just two of numerous examples of people who have been caught sexually abusing animals. Contrary to what Jerome Corsi alleges, it isn't homosexuality that leads to bestiality. Being gay doesn't cause it any more than being straight causes other types of sexual deviancy.

However, bestiality and child sex abuse are often discovered together during police investigations. The following is a list of people accused on charges of both bestiality and sexual assault against a minor:

  • Kimberly Lindsey and Thomas Westerman - In 2011, the couple were arrested for child molestation. During the course of the investigation police also discovered photographs of Lindsey in various sex acts with two unspecified pets.
  • James Lee Lyons - Recently released after spending 13 years in prison for sexual abuse of a child in his care, Lyons once again was in trouble. In July, he was arrested, this time for sexually assaulting his neighbor's dog.
  • Cody Slaughter - During a job interview with the Customs and Border Patrol in early July, Slaughter admitted to molesting a toddler and having "sexual contact" with a dog, horse and pig.
  • Eric Antunes - In May, 2012, Antunes was arrested for child pornography and bestiality charges after police discovered photos of him having sex with his girlfriend's dog.

While abuse against children and animals are not always linked, it is interesting how often the two are intertwined in these cases.

Perhaps it is the power the perpetrator feels over his less powerful victims. This would make sense because children are often too afraid to resist, and some animals are easily restrained, such as small dogs, for human pleasure.

This could be the case with Ruben and Amber Fox, but until more details are released, we may never know exactly which one of them was the leader in this atrocious crime against two loyal family pets. Regardless, both are guilty and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.