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Season 7 will be the last for HBO’s vampire legends of “True Blood.” And now that the series is coming to an end in 2014, the burning, bloody, fairy magic question is will there be any happy endings?

“True Blood” show runner Brian Buckner has been dropping hints as to what the series end will look like, and piecing them together offers more than a clue about the fate of Sookie Stackhouse and the Bon Temp’s vampires.

All signs are pointing to a return of the old Bill Compton and Sookie’s decision to leave him for good or take him back forever.

“We don’t want Bill to be an a-hole” Bruckner told TV Line. “The question we’re going to be asking this coming season is: Can Bill be forgiven?”

Yes, Billith was easy to despise. But he was after all possessed by Lilith’s blood, and not fully to blame for his head-ripping murder of Governor Burrell, and callous indifference to Sookie’s moot decision to let Warlow turn her into a vampire in order to save Eric and the rest of her vampire friends.

With clues that Eric Northman will return to his true love, Pam, Sookie’s love triangle narrows to Bill and Alcide.

Sookie has never had the chemistry with Alcide that she has always had with Bill. Even when she tried to kill him in Season 6, it seemed like she thought she was really trying to kill Lilith, not Bill; the lonely vampire she met and instantly fell in love with in the first episode of “True Blood.”

For a truly happy ending, Sookie would have to end up with the charming and vulnerable Bill Compton, as he was when they first met.

If Sookie does end up with Bill, there is a possible twist that was laid out in Season 6, that could be tweaked for a fairytale surprise.

Since Bill hates being a vampire and Sookie hates being a hybrid fairy, Sookie could use her supernatural powers to create a light-ball that would make Bill human and finally empty her of the fae magic she never really wanted in the first place.

It could happen. This is “True Blood.”

Bruckner said the time line will be sped up in Season 7, so the fate of the characters can be resolved. Whether that means the story will travel 6 months or 20 years into the future is unclear. But the final scenes could take place in the distant future.

That means Sam could end up happily raising his shifter-human baby with Nicole; Tara could make peace with her mother, Lettie Mae, and Lafayette could use his powers as a medium to bring boyfriend Jesus [Unlink] back to life.

With Andy looking like he’s settled with Holly, and Arlene about to inherit $2 million from Terry’s life insurance policy, the Bellefleur’s have most of their lose ends tied up neatly.

Jason and Jessica are the wild cards in the love nests of Bon Temps, along with Alcide, who still has 10 episodes left to find his soul mate.

However things end up, “True Blood” has left its mark on all the humans who have been loyal fans of the HBO hit show for seven years.

Hopefully, Bruckner will send “True Blood” fans off with the taste of sweet vampire blood on their fangs.


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