Mandy Robinson

Jodi Arias just might take a deal because she does know that there is a chance she could end up with the death penalty if she doesn't do it. ABC News reported that she made a suggestion this weekend through Twitter that she just doesn't know yet what to do.

Jodi has some friends that take care of her Twitter account for her. They also said that they she wants everyone to know that if someone says they are taking up donations for her appeal than it is a scam and is just not true so do not give them money.

There is a big possibility that she will be offered a deal to take life in prison instead of ending up with the death penalty. This deal would probably make her say that she will not do an appeal though.

On July 18, they will start selecting a new jury for her sentencing. Her lawyers want them to put it off until January though. If the jury can't decide, then a judge will choose her sentencing once she goes back again.