Maryann Tobin

The US military has been mutilating animals in trauma training exercises for years and animal welfare advocates say it time for it to stop.

The animals bloodied and sliced-up alive by the US military are primarily pigs and goats who have their legs amputated and throats cut open in brutal ways as part of military training. Additionally, the mutilation of live animals costs taxpayers approximately $3,000 per trainee.

A PETA report notes, “Americans were outraged last year after they saw video footage released by PETA that showed a US military trauma training course in which goats were moaning and kicking as instructors stabbed them, hacked off their limbs with tree trimmers and yanked out their internal organs. The video brought national attention to the military's crude trauma training procedures on animals.”

Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone has added his voice to animal rights advocates raising awareness about animal abuse by the US military with the hope of bringing it to an end.

Stone says in the voiceover of an undercover video captured at a military training location, “Course participants whistle and joke about maiming the goats. An instructor repeatedly stabs the goat with a scalpel and pulls out her internal organs.”

Animals have been unwilling participants in human warfare throughout history. Dogs used as military messengers have been blown up on battlefields. Dolphins and whales doing the work of the US military in the vastness of the oceans have lost their lives, too.

According to The Hill, “Every year, the military spends millions on shooting, stabbing and dismembering more than 10,000 live animals in crude medical training drills…”

Technology has advanced enough to provide training methods that do not involve live animal mutilation. High-tech simulators are better at creating the real-world human skills soldiers need and would cost taxpayers less money than torturing animals.

In an era of budget cutting, live animal excoriation is a part of US Defense Department spending that many believe can and should be defunded immediately.

Video: Oliver Stone exposes horrific military training!


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