Veronica Roberts

We have been heavily mired in the tragic, horrifying and seriously political news this past week, so let’s take a much needed respite from it for just a “New York minute.” I am not being flippant about our troubles here and abroad; just look at this report as therapy to help us deal with it all.

So ladies, or whoever enjoys the beauty of the male form, is the man pictured above one of three men reportedly kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too good-looking? If so, I can understand why.

According to The Huffington Post report, or should I say photo spread, the handsome gentleman—handsome doesn’t cut it—the extremely pretty gentleman is photographer, actor and poet from Dubai, Omar Borkan Al Gala—or so his Facebook profile says.

Earlier this month he and two other men apparently caused a stir when they visited Saudi Arabia. The religious police took one look at the men and allegedly had a panicked reaction, deporting the three men immediately to Abu Dhabi before they allegedly caused the Saudi women to faint at their feet in lust, love or longing.

No, I’m not making this up. Though Al Gala has not confirmed he is a part of the pretty trio, he has taken to Facebook to muse about the incident.

The men were reportedly visiting Saudi Arabia to attend an annual Janadriyah Festival, when their handsomeness got them kicked out of the country.

Well, there is a little more to the story. The men were reportedly also delegates promoting the United Arab Emirates and had a female artist as part of their group, and we know how that repressive Saudi society views women.

Apparently, women interacting with unrelated males are prohibited.

I am not trying to get politically heavy with this article, but just an aside: Saudi Arabia, considered one of the US allies in the tumultuous region, does not let their women drive and apparently, it wants to control what they see or think as well.

Are they afraid an admiring glance or a sexual fantasy or two, might cause their women to revolt?

Click on the links embedded within the article for more and if I ever got a hold of the other two hunks, I would surely share the photos with you.

Visit Omar's Facebook profile or The Huffington Post to see more of the beautiful Al Gala.