Joe Kukura

Slapping on a feather boa or bedazzled Mardi Gras mask can actually do wonders for your brand at this year's ad:tech SF conference. The pixe photo booth sprinkles some magic social media dust on the old trade show photo booth concept, with some ingenious Twitter and Facebook integration that increases your brand visibility with a deft and clever touch. The huge red feather boa, of course, will be optional.

This is not your typical photo booth -- the pixe photo booth at ad:tech SF 2013 takes your snapshot, then promotes your brand when these party snapshots are instantly shared on the popular social platforms. This provides a whimsical but powerful ROI for your ongoing social media campaigns and strengthens your brand's social community. There is no cost to getting digital pixe photos taken at ad:tech -- in fact, you get a $5 gift card for posing and posting. The only risk is how much you'll get teased back at the office about those hot pink Elton John sunglasses you wore in the picture.

The pixe photo booth figures to be one of the wackier attractions on the ad:tech SF expo floor, and it's the brainchild of the event management and marketing software minds at a2z Inc. Whether you realize it or not, you see a2z's products at more than 25 percent of the top 250 trade shows in the US. They also do some web design and back-end AMS/CRM database work, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Here's how the pixe photo booth works: You're cruising the ad:tech expo floor and stop to get your photo taken with perhaps some outlandish accessories. There is a nice tablet computer on hand for you to type a "Look at me! I'm at ad:tech wearing a fake moustache and bunny ears WAAAAA!" kind of message. That's all fun, but several additional steps of social media promotion will enhance the sharing and endorsing of your brand.

  • Email - You'll receive an email with a high-res version of your funny photo, which is instantly shareable via forwarding.
  • Facebook - The photos can be automatically posted to your personal or company Facebook pages, with your own customized message to go along with your duckface pose. Positive brand sentiment ensues.
  • Twitter - The photos can be tweeted out for your personal or brand Twitter account, with customizable hashtags to ensure maximum retweets and follower gains.
  • Photo Wall - Your personal funny photo goes onto a digital photo wall that will be much gazed-upon at ad:tech, building additional free word-of-mouth buzz for your brand.

The pixe photo booth photos are high-resolution beauties that you help you and your brand look great. So make sure there is no spinach between your teeth before you stop by.

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