Joseph Thomas

Will you be under the influence at ad:tech SF? Digital influence is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Crucial to driving brand recognition and engagement, what’s the secret to executing winning influencer campaigns? Following the workshops April 10, ad:tech and Under the Influence host a jam-packed summit to end the night.

A “conference within a conference,” Under the Influence focuses on people-based marketing and emerging trends within the industry. “The promise of authentic social influencer marketing at scale is finally here," said Bonin Bough, Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelēz International.

Bough believes this is a transformational period for influence-based marketing. "By bringing the rigors of paid media to influencer marketing, we can move from hype to actual ROI – that is, Return on Influence,” he noted. The afternoon features speakers and exhibitors who will showcase the power of social influencer marketing.

S Does Not Stand for Sales in Social Media

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola conducted a social impact study that indicated social “buzz” does not translate into increased sales. With over 62 million Facebook fans and 650,000 Twitter followers, social media has done little to boost sales.

“We didn’t see any statistically significant relationship between our buzz and our short-term sales,” said Eric Schmidt, senior manager for corporate market strategy and insight. The key is “short term,” building trust and influence with customers takes time. Time, which requires more resources companies don’t have.

Despite the limited scope of the Coke study, the report raised concerns for investors, causing Facebook’s stock to drop. Nonetheless, a poll on Yahoo Finance asked readers if their purchasing decisions were influenced by social media, in which 87 percent answered “Never.”

Tapping the Influence of Bloggers

While S doesn’t stand for Sales in social media, blogger influence programs have widespread success. Earlier this week, cloud-based SaaS provider TapInfluence unveiled their latest influencer marketing platform. With Coca-Cola as a client, the platform streamlines the four stages of influencer marketing: identifying influencers, managing content, distributing and tracking results.

“Earned media is the Holy Grail these days, so influencer marketing programs have to maximize the value of the content and be able to measure it,” said Holly Hamann, chief marketing officer at TapInfluence.

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