Aby Sam Thomas

In today’s digital world, a business needs to have more than a merely sedentary presence on the web if it wants to market itself to consumers. Gone are the days when a simple site with a company logo, a telephone number and an address would suffice to interest potential customers on the Internet.

Today, a company’s website requires a lot more than just basic information to make it stand out in the online world. SEO-friendly content, social media interaction, mobile platform accessibility—these are just a few of the many strategies a website needs to employ to make sure it gets noticed by consumers.

However, using all these different tactics does result in a problem for marketers—how do they figure out which scheme is working for their website and which isn’t? How do they figure out which is the component that they need to make better?

Enter HubSpot’s Marketing Grader. This nifty little site enables marketers to get a comprehensive analysis of a company’s online marketing presence, evaluating everything from the length of characters in the titles of their blog posts to the number of pages in their website that has been indexed by search engines.

Now, while all those features are great, some of you may be wondering: how much will such a detailed analysis of my website cost? And that’s perhaps the best feature about Marketing Grader—the tool is free. That’s right—you can determine how well your online marketing is doing at absolutely no cost to you and your business.

I asked Brian McMullin, product manager at HubSpot, why they were giving away their Marketing Grader service for free. McMullin told me that HubSpot’s mission as a company is “to change marketing from something people dread into something they love,” and Marketing Grader was their contribution to making that mission more of a reality on the Web.

“Marketing Grader does what has never been done before in a free online tool,” said McMullin. “[It] gives you a holistic view of your marketing effectiveness across the key areas of inbound marketing… It provides useful insight and recommendations to all sizes and shapes of businesses; from one-person shops to multinational marketing organizations.”

Of course, keeping Marketing Grader free also allows marketers to sample the kind of software that HubSpot offers businesses. Designed specifically for marketers, HubSpot’s inbound marketing software is used by over 8,700 companies in 56 countries, helping them in everything from keyword research to social media outreach.

But even by itself, the Marketing Grader tool does a pretty fine job in evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s online marketing campaign. It looks at not just the website, but also its social media activity, mobile responsiveness, blogging activity, email marketing, lead nurturing and analytics.

“As a marketer, you need to be aware of how each of your marketing efforts affect your lead pipeline and spend your limited time on the activities that will give you the most return,” said McMullin. “Marketing Grader does just this by analyzing all aspects of your marketing efforts and letting you know where you're succeeding and what you need to spend more time improving.”

With its simple interface, Marketing Grader is an easy-to-use tool for marketers wanting to do better with their online presence. Check how well your site is doing and compare your results with that of your competitors. With new additions expected to come to Marketing Grader soon, the site seems set to become all the more useful and engaging for the digital marketing community.

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