Joe Kukura

The 2013 Macworld/iWorld Expo has ended, and I'm just getting over how cool some of the best new products at Macworld really were. These items are all brand new, must-have gear that made their debut at this year's Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco. If your significant other is a Mac lover, then brother would your other love to receive some of these dynamite Mac products for Valentine's Day.

These are not official Mac products and they are not produced by Apple. These are killer apps and crazy-cool accessories that savvy startups have invented to make your iPhone or iPad make more magic, whether at work or at play.

Macworld has already named the Macworld 2013 Best of Show winners, but a few show-floor standouts really deserve some additional honorable mention. Each of these is a brand new product that takes your iOS device to another level for music, photography, or productivity.

There were two different sets of wireless Bluetooth speakers that blew Macworlders away with maximum volume of practicality or high-fashion outrageousness.

In the "OMG, how practical and handy!" category, the Urchin portable Bluetooth speakers (seen in the photo above) from the audio labs of Boom Movement are amazingly lightweight with amazingly heavy volume. Shockproof and waterproof, these wireless speakers come with accessories for you to strap the Urchin to your belt loop or backpack, mount it on your car dashboard, or suction cup it to the wall of your shower.

The Urchin also connects to your smartphone to work in speaker phone mode -- so you can suction cup it to your shower walls, then conduct those early morning conference calls while you're still in the shower. (You're welcome!) The Urchin comes with your choice of any color of removable silicone skin seen in the photo above.

If you want your wireless speakers to bring bling in addition to tunes, Fydelity Stereobags showed off their high-fashion fanny packs, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags and cooler bags that have built-in speakers to boom tracks from your iPod or iPhone. If you are even slightly considering wearable wireless MP3 speakers, Fydelity Stereobags from Scratch Tracks are amazingly affordable and available in your sweetie's favorite color.

Maybe you're more of an earbud person instead. Square Jellyfish debuted a magnificent smartphone stand that doubles as an earbud case. It keeps your earbuds untangled and findable, and works as a stand for both the iPhone and the iPad Mini. Square Jellyfish also had a smartphone tripod mount and a pocket tripod with a swivel ball head for all your smartphone photography and "Skype while folding laundry" needs.

You say an "earbud holder" is a needless accessory? With respect, how much time do you waste finagling with your earbud cords? When you have a Square Jellyfish earbud holder and smartphone stand, the answer to that question is "None." All Square Jellyfish products received my personal "Dude, that is so super useful and totally affordable" seal of approval.

The most impressive new app I saw at Macworld/iWorld is more for work than play, but it is useful as heck. The Prizmo app by Creaceed allows you to take a picture of any text on a sign or document, then fully transcribes those words into a searchable, exportable text file (or PDF). Prizmo will even speak the text out loud, Siri-style. People in the business call this "optical character recognition," but I call it "effing amazing." Prizmo can even correct page curvature and lens distortion and allows you to share your transcribed text instantly via Dropbox, Google Drive, or other sharing platforms.

These products are all brand new and all available for purchase right now or in the near future. Just be ready to answer the question "Whoa, where did you get that?" on a very regular basis.

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