Veronica Roberts

It’s the weekend, what the heck, let’s talk about sex.  I’m sure every football fan is glued to the television this Sunday, but after, those routing for the winning team might want to celebrate with much more than beer and Buffalo wings. So here goes.  

Health and sex are intimately intertwined but oftentimes we undervalue the health benefits of love-making.  However, if your goal is a well balance life, don’t neglect that “pleasure principle” and though love-making is much more than just sex, the climax of that pleasure for many is orgasm, which can be pretty elusive for some, especially women.

With that in mind, the smart folks over at Healthy Living have come up with 9 ways to make your big Os more intense. Contrary to popular belief, we have some semblance of control over our orgasms and can determine how deep the pleasure goes. Below are the nine things we can all do to maximize that intensity, according to health experts.

1. Kegel exercises. Ladies, this one’s for you. Squeeze those muscles every chance you get and the beauty of this exercise is—you can do them any time anywhere without anyone knowing and they will help tighten those walls. (You do know what muscles and walls I am referring to, right)? If not click on the kegel link.

2. Limit alcohol intake to one glass a day for though the bubbly can loosen our inhibitions, it can also work against us by dulling our senses. The goal here is to feel as much as we can, not deaden the sensations.

3. Create a slow burn—I don’t mean slow it down in the boudoir—although that helps too. I am referring to prolonging the foreplay throughout the day. Beginning with how you interact with your lover from the time you wake in the morning to the time your bodies collide at the end of the day. If you use your imagination and creativity, he or she will be so hot for you by the time you meet to love each other down, that the sparks are sure to be white hot.

4. Make sure you have healthy circulation—According to the experts, circulation is important for a healthy response and enjoyment during sex so get that exercise in.

5. Be careful what medication you take for they reportedly can impact your sex life negatively. Antidepressants, cholesterol and high blood pressure medications, birth control pills and antihistamines can all be culprits.

6. Self-stimulation-I think the term is self-explanatory, don’t you? A little do-it-yourself can go a long way in “priming” you for your lover.

7. Aphrodisiacs—don’t be afraid to use a little enhancement. Hear oysters or dark chocolate can get women in the mood? Try it and see. Explore what else is out there that can get your juices flowing.

8. Sex aids—this too is self-explanatory. Anything that “aids” your enjoyment, give it a try. Feathers, vibrators—whatever moves ya.

9. Don’t overthink it—whatever mode used to reach your goal is fine. Don’t overthink the moment. Some prefer oral to get there—others the old fashion route, both or something else thrown in. In the end an orgasm is an orgasm—well according to the experts. So enjoy.

I would like to add a 10th: Confidence. Someone once said the most attractive accessory a woman can wear is confidence. So ladies, whether you're 110 pounds or 200, love the skin you're in. For when you do, it shows and glows. Men, the same goes for you—work with what you've got and make it count.

You can add to the list if you have some more enhancing techniques of your own. Share in the comments section below.

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