Barry Eitel

Maybe it’s just because I grew up in rural Michigan and we were bored a lot, but I remember the mounds of fun we had making quick stop-motion videos. It was pretty tough with our old camcorder—repeatedly pressing record, stop, record, stop…for hours (we had a lot of time).

How I wish I had iStopMotion from Boinx software back then. Their new iPad app makes stop motion animation quick and easy—allowing your creative side to run rampant.

I spoke with Megan Linebarger of Boinx on the Expo Hall floor at Macworld/iWorld about this crazy cool app.

“iStopMotion is something that Boinx software came out with 10 years ago and about a year ago we finally brought that technology to the iPad, which is very exciting because it is a very accessible tool these days,” Linebarger said.

The software “really brings the full, creative moviemaking experience to the iPad.”

The new version of the iPad includes audio capabilities, something the company is really excited about.

“Recently,” Linebarger continued, “we came out with iStopMotion for iPad 2 which adds in audio. You can animate your entire little film and then, after you play it back, record in the audio, make sound effects, do dialogue—it’s very easy. You really can’t have a film without the audio portion of it, so we’re really excited to finally have this within the app. As well as recording your voice you can also import audio files straight from iTunes, SoundCloud and Dropbox as well as other iPad apps.”

The app isn’t just for fooling around—Boinx is seeing iStopMotion get used by teachers.

“It’s a great education tool,” Linebarger claimed. “You put the iPad in the hands of a 3-year-old and he just knows what to do with it already. Giving kids the ability to create film and use it in an educational way is brilliant. Kids love it.”

At the Children’s Creativity Museum, across the street from Moscone West, there’s a whole iStopMotion studio.

Linebarger searches for creative uses of iStopMotion and puts the best stuff on the app’s blog.

“I pretty much scour the Internet everyday for user examples,” she said. “There’s a lot of cool stuff—fun Lego animations, for example. The app is easy to use but what some people are doing is not easy. We have some super-users that are just blowing our minds with what they’re doing. One kid, Charley Collier—a Slovenian band named Puppetz saw his iStopMotion work online and commissioned him to create a music video. He used iStopMotion and twist-ties and just brought them to life.”

If you want to bring twist-ties to life, check out iStopMotion in the app store.

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