Clint Demeritt

Celebrating how creativity and innovation drive each other is a pillar of Macworld/iWorld and there are few better example of that spirit than the Independent Film Channel.

That's why the minds behind some of IFC's most cutting edge shows will be presenting at this year's Macworld/iWorld: “Portlandia” creator Fred Armisen and Emmy-winning animator Ryan Quincy who will be showing off his new cartoon “OUT THERE.”

Friday morning will be an IFC field day on the convention's main stage. First up is funnyman Fred Armisen.

“Fred's an incredible artist, he's a musician, obviously he's well-known from ‘Saturday Night Live’ and also ‘Portlandia,’” Paul Kent, vice president and general manager of Macworld/iWorld, said about Armisen while explaining what he's looking forward to at this year's show.

Armisen is a closet technophile and will be talking with Macworld senior editor Chris Breen about how Apple devices help with his creative process. Though Armisen is best known for his SNL impressions, his comedy show “Portlandia” has become a smash hit on IFC. The sketch show takes place in Portland, Ore., the perfect city for Armisen to poke fun at hipsters and organic farming.

Armisen has appeared all over the media landscape: he's made cameos in prime time sitcoms, appeared in hit movies such as “Easy A” and “Anchorman,” loaned his voice to several video games and even guest started on the “This American Life” radio show. If anyone is qualified to talk about how creative people use technology, it's Armisen.

Getting “OUT THERE”

Right after the “Portlandia” star, Ryan Quincy takes the center stage to talk about his yet-to-air cartoon, OUT THERE, with show collaborators Tony Gama-Lobo and Craig Hartin. Quincy worked on South Park for more than 10 years, where he won two Emmy awards for animation directing and producing.

“OUT THERE” is a funny, yet gloomy, coming-of-age tale centered around Chad. The hairy-faced 15-year-old and his best friend Chris struggle with growing up in a small town while battling parents, bullies and boredom.

“It pretty much is about these two best friends being stuck in that limbo of childhood and adulthood,” Quincy said in an interview with Allvoices.

“They have each others' backs navigating through high school and growing up in the middle of nowhere.”

The trio responsible for “OUT THERE” will talk about how they took the show from concept to cartoon, both creatively and technologically. Quincy and company will also share outtakes from the show and clips from the first few episodes, talk about the behind-the-scenes process and take questions from the audience.

Quincy will bring one of his favorite clips to share with the crowd. The scene kicks off the second episode,“The Quest for Fantasy,” in which Chad passes out during a sex-ed presentation. It's actually taken from an awkward chapter in Quincy's own childhood and encapsulates the feel of the show.

“What I like about this clip is it captures that humiliating, horrifying yet hilarious time of your life, when you're 14 or 15,” Quincy said.

Armisen also pitches his voice into the “OUT THERE” cast as Terry, a smarmy deadbeat dating Chris's mom. Quincy said Terry has this sleazy charm that he knew Armisen would be able to pull off. And after seeing a few episode of the cartoon myself, I would say Quincy's got that right.

So check out two of IFC's brightest stars this Friday on Macworld/iWorld's main stage. And if you can't, check back with Allvoices as we'll cover both sessions.

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