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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man's curious find has triggered an investigation to unravel the events that led to the deaths of two people and the arrest of a third.

On Jan. 5, deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff's office responded to a call from a man who said he had discovered a bullet hole inside of his mobile home. When deputies arrived, according to reports in the Denver Post and elsewhere, they began a search of the area. Following the trajectory of the bullet hole, deputies were able to track back to the origin of the shot. Authorities discovered that the round came from the mobile home next door to the man.

When police initially knocked on the door there was no answer. However, they were able to locate the homeowner, who was reportedly at work. When the woman arrived, authorities asked if they could conduct a search of her home. She consented.

Soon after deputies entered the residence they discovered the bodies of a male and a female. The man had died from and apparent gunshot wound, but scene investigators were unable to determine the woman's cause of death. Subsequent questioning of the homeowner revealed that the male was her husband and the female was her mother.

The woman was taken into custody after investigators determined that there was enough evidence to arrest the woman. Although they had not determined what how the mother was killed, detectives still suspected that the woman had killed them both, announcing that the woman, Donna Kaiser-Anderson was their only suspect. Kaiser-Anderson was arrested and taken to jail where she is being held on one count of second-degree murder, according to jail records.

She has not been charged in the death of her mother and no murder weapon has been found.

According to FOX21 News, when deputies initially asked if anyone was in the residence she said, "Ah... well." When pressed again she then replied "no." Police subsequently discovered the body of Kaiser-Anderson's 52-year-old husband William "Bill" Coffey on the floor dead from gunshot wounds and her mother "Dot" Anderson covered with a sheet in bed. She too was deceased.

Police found a towel blocking the door gap, to apparently prevent any odors of decomposition from escaping the room and a large pool of blood in the living room that had been covered with a throw rug. Investigators also noticed drag marks leading from the kitchen to the bedroom where the victims were found.

At some point when police asked Kaiser-Anderson what happened, she allegedly said, "I blacked out. He did something to my mother, and I wasn't going to stand for it."

Neighbors said that on the Wednesday before the bodies were found, they heard three noises that sounded like knocks. The following day they saw Donna taking the dogs out instead of Bill, who usually cares for them. Subsequently, they noticed that all the lights stayed off in the home on Thursday and no one had seen Kaiser-Anderson’s mother since Wednesday.

Although Kaiser-Anderson is the only suspect in the case, investigators are still not certain if she killed both victims, according to Lt. Jeff Kramer of the Sheriff’s Office.

These new details bring up several questions about what happened and why. What did Kaiser-Anderson mean when she allegedly told deputies, “He did something to my mother, and I wasn't going to stand for it?” Is this an admission that she shot and killed her husband? Exactly how did Dot Anderson die? Where is the murder weapon and why was there an apparent effort to cover up the scene if Kaiser-Anderson allegedly acted in attempted defense of retaliation for her mother’s death?

These and many other questions have yet to be addressed and it now appears that answers will not be forthcoming in the immediate future. Judge Maria Prudek has placed a gag order on the case and investigators are now prohibited from discussing the case.

Kaiser-Anderson’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 1.

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