Veronica Roberts

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham-Clinton was reportedly hospitalized on Sunday after a blood clot was found during a follow-up exam, reports CNN.

The 65-year-old Clinton had fainted on Dec. 15 after becoming dehydrated and dizzy from battling a stomach virus. She had suffered a concussion as a result of the fall but was never hospitalized.  According to her spokesperson Phillipe Reines, the blood clot resulted from that fall where she had hit her head. He did not give any details on where exactly the blood clot was located but added that the doctors would continue to “assess her condition including other issues associated with her concussion.”

Doctors have her on medication and she will reportedly remain under observation at the New York Presbyterian Hospital for another 48 hours.

Facebook supporters of Clinton as a presidential candidate for 2016, have already created memes wishing her a speedy recovery. One shared by the good folks at  and created by  The Everlasting GOP Stoppers read, “Get well soon. We need you in 2016!”

Clinton will be leaving her Secretary of State position soon and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts is slated to take her place if his nomination goes through. The favored person for replacing Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, had to bow out before she was even nominated due to the intense onslaught of opposition from Republicans, led by Sen. for Texas and former presidential candidate, John McCain.

McCain and his fellow Republicans torpedoed Rice chances over statements she made on the Benghazi attacks in Libya which killed Ambassador Stevens and three others. (Read more on that here).

Secretary Clinton was also criticized for not testifying before the committee holding hearings on Benghazi, with some speculating that her concussion and fall was contrived as an excuse. Now we see pundits and critics can run off at the mouth irresponssibly, without having all the facts. But that's par for the course in polarizing, partisan politics in America.