Phyllis Smith Asinyanbi

CHICAGO - Alderman Sandi Jackson (7th Ward), wife of former congressman Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), has vowed not to resign unless something 'catastrophic' happens. She also says she's not a candidate to fill her husband's congressional seat and is undecided about if and when she'll take up permanent residence in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported Jackson returned to work last week despite family issues and a "tough year." When answering reporters' questions, Jackson cited her absence from City Council meetings as correlating with Jackson Jr.'s doctor appointments and hospitalizations.

He resigned due to bipolar disorder and an ongoing US Department of Justice investigation regarding misuse of campaign funds. A plea deal is expected in the not-too-distant future. It was also reported that his wife, Sandi Jackson, would be investigated, as she served as his campaign manager, with a $5,000 a month salary.

Jackson said she has had difficulty with juggling her aldermanic duties and her responsibilities as a supportive wife and mother. Although Jackson said her year has been exhausting, she emphatically stated she'll finish her term and has no plans to resign "unless something catastrophic happens." When asked by a reporter if her husband being sent to prison would meet the criteria for "something catastrophic," Jackson responded, "I'm not going to entertain questions like that, I really am not."


Sandi Jackson has stated that she has support for family issues she's facing, and constituents in her ward understand her commitment to them and to family. Much has been written about how she can be effective as an alderman in the 7th Ward, while residing in Washington, D.C., yet she won the last election.

When Jackson Jr. resigned, his resignation letter stated he accepted responsibility for his mistakes, and those mistakes were his alone. Perhaps this was his way of saying leave my wife alone, but it may not deflect his wife's investigation, as part of the campaign fund misuse allegations was his use of campaign funds to decorate their home.

With Sandi Jackson's resolve to stick it out, despite reports from friends that she would resign, what greater "catastrophic" events would culminate in a resignation?