Veronica Roberts

There is one more fantastical tale making the rounds on the World Wide Web about the shooter in the Colorado Batman movie massacre. 24-year-old James Holmes allegedly told a fellow inmate that his therapist programmed him to kill.

There have been numerous conspiracy theories floating out there since Holmes walked into that theater on July 20, during a midnight movie premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" and opened fire with semi-automatic weapons. After the carnage was over, 12 people were brutally slaughtered and 58 others injured.

The neuroscience student was reportedly captured by police outside the theater, wearing head-to-toe body armor and sporting flaming red, orange hair. He then calmly warned police about the death trap waiting at his housing complex, where he had rigged his apartment with massive amounts of explosives—or so the media reported.

The conspiracy theorists do not believe that version of the story, however, and talks of PSYOPS gone awry, government and military psychological warfare being tested on civilians like Holmes, circulated.

Now this account reported in Denver Westword, attributed to inmate Steven Unruh, who was in a cell next to Holmes, has all the elements of a sci-fi thriller and ties in perfectly with some of the conspiracy theories. The government, the military, the university and now an evil therapist who is an expert at mind control.

Thirty-eight year old Unruh, who I must note, was described as a “drug abusing inmate,” told the paper that he spoke to Holmes for four hours, during which time he told him about his evil brainwashing therapist. Jailhouse authorities and officers from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office say it is impossible for Unruh to have the sort of intimate conversation he said he had with the alleged killer, for they weren’t in the same cell, but Unruh is sticking to his story.

He described Holmes attempting to kill himself by bashing his head against the cell wall on July 20 and how he talked him out of it. Reports of several attempts at suicide did make it to the news. Unruh also allegedly said Holmes thought he was in a video game the night he walked into the theater and massacred movie goers.

Holmes also allegedly mentioned Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, a mode of psychotherapy, which his therapist used on him. After shooting up the cinema, the “programming” stopped once he got outside to his car. The police did report finding him calm in the parking lot, where he told them about his bomb-rigged apartment.

Is James Holmes mentally ill, delusional, and, ironically living what he studied, or is he as crazy as a fox? Moreover, there seems to be an eerie connection to his teenaged presentation and what culminated in the theater on that dreadful night.

In the attached video made when he was 18, Holmes gave a presentation at Miramar Community college in San Diego, explaining things like "temporal illusions," adding "over the course of the summer, I've been working with temporal illusion. It's an illusion that allows you to change the past." (Click here to view the video:

That is just some of what the nervous teenager was saying during his presentation, all part of the subject of neuroscience. He also spoke on fantasy versus reality and what he called "the subjective experience." There is something decidedly chilling at play here.

As he sits in a Colorado jail cell, awaiting trial, I suspect that there will be other versions of what drove him to that diabolical killing spree, each wilder than the previous one. Stay tuned.