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In related news, the Associated Press is reporting that the United Nations has voted for Palestine to be recognized as a state. How will this change the balance of power in the region? Egyptian President Morsi was instrumental in brokering the cease-fire last Wednesday after eight days of intense violence between Gaza and Israel.

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As the upheavals in Egypt continue over President Mohamed Morsi’s grab for absolute power, top judges have now reportedly joined in the protest.

The highest court in the land went on strike Wednesday, showing their strong opposition to Morsi’s recent decree which granted him complete legislative and executive power. Once again, hundreds of thousands have gathered in the iconic Tahrir Square in Cairo where the Arab Spring began over a year ago in mass protests, calling Morsi “new Pharaoh” and “dictator.” They are comparing him to the ousted Hosni Mubarak, whose 30 year dictatorial rule came to an end after the Arab Spring revolution.

Morsi has defended his power grab, reportedly saying he did it to “protect the revolution. But critics say his actions spell the opposite. Morsi’s decree also gives the 100 panel drafting the new constitution, complete immunity. This essentially renders the Supreme Constitutional Court powerless and judges are fighting back. The country will know by Sunday whether they will dissolve the panel writing the new constitution.

However, Morsi and his panel may supersede the court’s decision on Sunday for they are reportedly rushing to finish drafting the constitution as early as Thursday.

According to this Huffpost article Egypt Protests Take Stunning New Turn , The Muslim Brotherhood as well as the more extreme Salafi Al-Nour are also pushing supporters to counter the mass anti-Morsi protest in Tahrir Square by holding demonstrations of their own. They have a vested interest in stopping the unrest for both groups are key players in drafting the new constitution. Egyptians fear that what comes out of Morsi’s decree will not lean on the side of the Democracy they fought long and hard for a year ago.

A bitter battle is looming and Maher Sami, Deputy Chairman to the High Courts, reportedly said in a televised speech that the courts are, “determined to rise above its pain and continue its sacred mission until the end.”

Barely six months into his presidency as the new democratically elected leader, Morsi has done a 180 after brokering a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas last Wednesday. He is even featured on the cover of Time Magazine's current issue with the caption "The Most Important Man in the Middle East." Yet just one day after he was hailed as a peace-broker, he made that power grab and activists are now calling him a dictator. Read more here: