Stephanie Weaver

Profile: Adfonic

Developed in 2008 by a team of three mobile marketing experts, Adfonic has grown into offices throughout Western Europe and the United States, including locations in London, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Singapore. The company now includes over100 employees and generates 100 billion monthly ad impressions, reaching over 250 million unique users on a monthly basis. Pretty impressive for a little startup that was launched just under four years ago.

What sets Adfonic apart from its competitors is the smart and innovative services they offer both advertisers and agencies. They enable clients to purchase mobile ads with the largest access to global mobile web and app inventory possible. Combining a dedicated staff, the fastest algorithms, the latest technology and the deepest data, Adfonic has been able to create the smartest and most efficient buying platform for mobile the world has yet to see.

The company is a web-based, self-service marketplace for advertising on mobile devices. They offer a full range of campaign management gear that allows companies to build, purchase, execute and monitor their campaigns in real time.

Adfonic, along with its CTO, Wesley Biggs, attended New York’s ad:tech this year and found the conference remarkably encouraging.

“The most heartening thing about ad:tech New York was the shift we saw to mobile marketing and technology,” commented Biggs. “The presentations and attendees were very excited about this new marketing concept. This means that both big agencies and the industry in general are beginning to take mobile seriously. We were able to speak to a lot of parties at ad:tech about real time to access inventory in an efficient and open way.”

Adfonic is at the forefront of the mobile marketing industry and the company’s future is looking very bright. Due to the growing interest and demand in mobile marketing, Adfonic is able to offer advertisers services they want and that really work.

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