Michael Foster

What is your click-through rate? With myThings, clients are seeing CTRs over 1 percent on online banners thanks to its retargeting capabilities. "We definitely achieve over 0.5 percent CTR especially on retargeting, but we can even get CTRs over 1 percent," said Michael Swope, myThings US Managing Director. On those CTRs, Swope said his company can get post-click conversions from anywhere between 3 percent to 9-10 percent, which is the average for retailers. "On a couple campaigns that are running, we see 15-20 percent post-click conversions thanks to our proprietary algorithms," Swope said.

A mixture of proprietary technologies and a firm understanding of how to take advantage of user data drives operations at myThings, a conversion-focused display ad solutions firm that has offered cost-per-action and cost-per-acquisition solutions while delivering banner impressions for its clients.

"Instead of a search retargeting functionality, we get more granular and use visual recognition to read an image visually--its color, shape, size and what it is–and match it to products in our client database to drive them to the site," said Swope of the company's in-depth approach to banner ads. According to Swope, this in-depth analysis offers up to 1400 percent click-through rate uplift when compared to untargeted ads.

Swope says that everything the firm does is built for direct ROI and the company takes on the risk in campaigns by offering pure CPA solutions. myThings works across all networks by serving ads onto all of the major exchanges, networks and premium publishers in a way that allows them to control frequencies and caps for all campaigns.

Like other optimizing platforms, myThings works with real time bidding (RTB) networks to optimize campaigns and Swope is bullish on the growth of the RTB side of ad sales. "I think you'll see a continual growth into RTB because smaller merchants and clients can take advantage of RTB and that ability to buy at the impression level instead of just making a buy on an exchange with a flat dollar CPM," Swope said, adding, "why pay a flat rate when you can bid 4 cents or $2 depending on the potential value of the impression?"

In the future, myThings will work more aggressively on mobile display and search, which Swope says will likely be an area of expansion and growth going forward. "Our initial results from a retargeting standpoint on mobile display are very encouraging and our clients are pleased with our initial data," Swope said.

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