Aby Sam Thomas

Frank Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer of Global Consumer Engagement at PepsiCo, started off ad:tech New York with a keynote presentation on how brands can create hit campaigns and products through the use of three main principles: humanity, imagination and truth. But while Cooper’s words were directed at companies who want to grow their businesses, it seems that speakers at ad:tech New York also took Cooper’s advice to heart—they used the same three principles to deliver some really great sessions at the conference! Here is a list of some of the best personal, innovative and engaging sessions at ad:tech New York, or as we like to call it, the H-I-T sessions of ad:tech New York:

  • The first person on our list is, quite unsurprisingly, Frank Cooper himself. He peppered his presentation with great images, videos and quotes that had the audience almost continuously nodding their heads in approval. Even as he extolled the need for companies to break into popular culture, he was showing practical examples that did exactly that, thereby showing brands that it can definitely be done! This one’s definitely a H-I-T in our books.

  • Though it was the last keynote presentation of ad:tech New York, “Playing to Win in 2013: Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google” was a crowd-puller thanks to its all-star panel consisting of Mark Cuban, owner, The Dallas Mavericks; Ian Wolfman, CMO of MEPlusYOU; Stephanie Fierman, Global CMO, Mediacom; and Julie Roehm, Senior VP of Marketing, SAP. Having all these personalities together on one stage talking about the four biggest brands of our times, their successes and their pitfalls resulted in a session packed with insights and information.

  • With Frank Cooper able to captivate the audience with his start-of-day presentation on day one of ad:tech New York, we think Alfredo Gangotena, Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard Worldwide, may have been under some pressure to deliver a H-I-T session himself. But Gangotena showed no fear and breezed through a presentation that was as “priceless” as the campaigns MasterCard is most well-known for. With a brave vision of a future that would have mobile phones replace the one asset that his company is most famous for, Gangotena’s talk was both thrilling and deeply inspiring.

Have we included your favorite session at ad:tech New York in our H-I-T list? Tell us who was your favorite speaker at ad:tech New York in the comments below.

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