Veronica Roberts

The fallout from Gen. David Petraeus's abrupt resignation Friday, appears to be just getting started. I’m sure he thought stepping down after the FBI opened an investigation into his extramarital affair weeks ago was “the honorable thing to do,” but it has awakened the beast. That beast is public scrutiny, and now the identity of the second woman in the “triangle scandal” that set his swift career demise in motion has been revealed.

We know the first woman, biographer Paula Broadwell, is the alleged lover in this plot. The married mother of two, who in 2006, had spent a year with Petraeus in Afghanistan interviewing him for the book she co-authored called “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” had reportedly sent threatening emails to another woman, warning her to "stay away from her guy." These emails were what reportedly tipped the FBI off about the inappropriate relationship.

According to the Telegraph, the second woman in this triangle is a friend of the Petraeus family, 37-year-old Jill Kelley, who was the state department social liason to the military’s Joint Special Operations Command based in Florida around the same time Petraeus was in charge of the Central Command in that same state.

Just why Broadwell thought Kelley was a threat to her relationship with the 60-year-old Petraeus is not clear at the moment. But the 40-year-old Broadwell, a Harvard and West Point grad, apparently thought she was.

Was Broadwell simply being a paranoid, jealous, possessive lover, or is there more to it? Incidentally, her affair with Petraeus allegedly ended about four months ago. According to several reports, Kelley, a mother of three and her husband Dr. Scott Kelley, were long time friends of the Petraeus family.

Kelley reportedly got scared and reported the emails to the FBI. They initially didn’t know it was the biographer Broadwell, for she had sent the emails anonymously.

FBI officials say Petraeus is not under investigations for any illegal activities or breach of security but that they had to ensure the relationship didn’t present any of those risks. The Telegraph reported that neither woman was available for comment. Kelley lives in Florida while Broadwell lives in North Carolina.


Well, let the conspiracy theories begin. This sex scandal has unleashed several of the aforementioned, with the biggest one being about the Sept. 11 terrorist’s attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four Americans, including ambassador Chris Stevens.

The naysayers think General Petraeus’ hasty resignation was contrived to prevent him from testifying before Friday’s hearings about what really happened in Benghazi. But why would he be the fall guy after the election is over? There isn’t any need for overwhelming collateral damage now that president has won. Or is there?

Affairs are a dime a dozen in Washington political power circles, so why was this affair pushed to such painfully public lengths and not hushed up with Petraeus taking a leave for personal or other "fixed" reasons?

In regards to whether this was a love triangle-I highly doubt it for if Kelley was doing anything inappropriate with her friend Petraeus, I doubt she would have reported the emails to the FBI of all people. Just doesn't make sense and juding by her career, she is a very smart woman. Broadwell is brilliant herself, so I guess there goes my theory that smart people do only smart things! Sending threatening emails is not the smartest thing to do, is it? Why can't folks learn that email is the most incriminating evidence out there? You are not only leaving a "paper trail" that cannot be erased, they are easily traceable even if sent anonymously.

I write online so those of you who do what I do, can probably relate. I have gotten numerous obscene, billigerent, threathening and vile comments and even messages but what those senders forget is their electronic footprints left online are encased in teflon. They do not go away when you leave, even if you sneak back and delete them afterwards and I have saved many of those emails, comment, messages--just in case I need them to defend myself in a court of law or elsewhere. So before you get nasty online, think!

Those few vile lines might come back to haunt you.

Stay tuned.

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