TJ Larson

Beginning with his initial bid for office, throughout his first term as president and up to now, detractors of Barack Obama have unceasingly dogged him at every turn. However, every charge, every accusation and every allegation has failed to stick to him. Is Obama the virtual saint he appears to be or is he the devil in disguise?

For many within the GOP, it is most likely the latter of the two. The newly re-elected president has managed to avoid, deflect, turn aside and downright stop every single challenge brought to bear against his integrity. At any moment, one might expect Obama to tear open his shirt and truly reveal the proverbial "S" on his chest, or whatever letter or logo superhero presidents may wear beneath those exquisitely-tailored suits. Perhaps it is the Seal of the POTUS or something like that.

Anyway, call it swag, mojo or just plain luck, Obama has not only kept his reputation intact, he also managed to fairly decimate Mitt Romney in the election. Not to mention that he has also managed to build major "street cred" among the younger generation. All of this despite likely being the most hated American president ever. But how can this be? Where is the tell-all exposé? How about the secret recordings of him, revealing himself to be the harbinger of global destruction?

Actually the answer is much more mundane. Each time Obama's accusers made allegations and failed to prove them, it only served to elevate his legitimacy. Conversely, it made his opponents look more and more like a bunch of grumpy, uptight haters with each preposterous charge leveled against him.

In essence, the GOP basically "mud-slung" their way out of winning an election. This is just more proof that too much of a good thing can be bad and too much of a bad thing can be catastrophic.

Let's see what might have gone wrong:

GOP: Obama's budget plan is lacking.

America: OK, legitimate gripe.

GOP: Obama's foreign policy is awful.

America: Duly noted.

GOP: "Obamacare" will totally wipe out the middle-class... etc., etc...

America: Reasonable concern.

GOP: Obama was not born in America!

America: Really?

GOP: Really! If you don't believe it, ask to see his birth certificate.

(Obama whips out birth certificate and throws it onto table, flashes big smile)


America: But his certificate says...

GOP: LIES! ALL LIES WE TELL YOU! They faked them!

America: Calm down already!

(Donald Trump walks in. Spectacular comb-over flapping in the breeze while Western cowboy music plays in the background)

Trump: Never fear... The Donald is here to save the day with an earth-shattering revelation!

America: So what do you have?

Trump: $5 million bucks for the prez to show us his papers.

America: His papers? But we already...

Trump: Not those papers you stupid sheeple! His college transcripts and passport application are what I'm referring to you %!#$@. These will once and for all prove that the man is a fake. (Uncontrolled maniacal laughing)

America: But how will transcripts prove...? And since you need a birth certificate to...

Trump: #@%$... Are you guys dumb or what?

America: (Rolling its eyes at Trump and the rest of the GOP while thinking) OK this is enough... Just wait until Election Day!

(America slams door in Trump's face and walks away in disgust)

Cut to Election Day: Obama wins the 2012 presidential election. Split-screen of Obama making victory speech while Donald Trump is being led away in a straitjacket mumbling something about a revolution.

The End.

Stay tuned America as we will soon bring you another episode of, "The Ridiculous, The Preposterous and The Irrational," sponsored by special interests and brought to you in part by partisan politics.


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