Veronica Roberts

President Barack Obama’s win over Mitt Romney is barely 48 hours old and the Fox News barrage of spin is in overdrive. The stunning disregard for facts, reality, fairness, “gracious sportsmanship” and country is rampant, as host after host denigrates the authenticity of the president’s victory.

"The white establisment is now the minority--it is not traditional America anymore."

It’s like watching a very bad B movie as the biggest ego at the F-Network, Bill O’Reilly, who uttered the above statement, moaned and groaned about “white people now being the minority,” and the loss of good, ole sound white tradition in America—and that wasn’t all he said. He was just getting warmed up on his blatantly prejudicial spiel. O’Reilly griped that not only was the majority white population now a minority, he doubled down on Romney’s view that 47 percent of the country;s citizens are mooching losers who prey on the government for “stuff.”

He said Obama’s win proves that half of the country is made up of non-white, lazy victims who want “stuff” and think Obama will give them that stuff. The implication here is the white population who adhere to traditional American values do not want “stuff.” So all the whites in this country already have “stuff” and those black and brown folks don’t—they are all on the government’s dole. I know O’Reilly and some of his friends at Fox already have their “stuff”—what with decades-long tax breaks, tax shelters and off-shore accounts but I didn’t know the entire white population did. I think poor O’Reilly forgot who voted for the president. Newsflash Billy, most of his supporters were as “lily white” as you.

Other Republican whiners took up where O’Reilly left off. Dick Morris said this is “not our fathers America.” I hope not, for judging by his age, his father‘s America had “whites only” and “no colored allowed” signs in every county. He then offered up an unbelievable argument for Obama’s whipping of Mitt Romney in this election.

He thought the demographic would be different—that voter turnout of black and brown folks would have tapered off in 2012, but it didn’t. He compared percentages of 2008 and 2012. Why didn’t the black and brown populations decrease as he had predicted? Weren’t they shooting each other up or being incarcerated in record numbers? Darn those “minorities” for not going back where they came from or even better, dying off.

A few more said they hoped the president had learned a lesson by his victory: that “divisive and dirty politics” was tearing the country apart. The fact that this defies logic is woefully lost on them. He won, idiots. Isn’t the lesson usually learned by the person who lost, so they will know what not to do next time around—if there is a next time. Can’t they see they are part of the reason their party lost? That by being wholly a subsidiary of the Republican Party instead of the fair and balanced news organizations they pretend to be—they are part of the extremist problem corroding the GOP and impeding growth?

These people are paid obscene amounts of money to spew verbal sewage, from the nonsensical to the racially divisive on television and radio, and are so full of their own hypocrisy and self-importance that they fail to see their own redundancy. They fail to recognize that they are the source of the hate, bias, prejudice, elitism, privileged-entitlement mentality. These over-prized buffoons have their heads so far up their tax-free assets that all they can see is their own crap.

Good, Christian Mississippians exploded in riots over president Obama’s win, burning and acting like the low-informed, brainwashed fanatics those clowns on Fox and radio help create. They must have listened to Bill O’Reilly and taken a heavy dose of Rush Limbaugh, for some have taken to social media to air their hate and ignorance. Listen to the video above for some of the quotes. (Be forewarned, the language is very salty).

New York’s resident billionaire buffoon, Donald Trump, had a meltdown on Twitter, calling for “revolution,” when he took a look at the results and realized Karl Rove, Dick Morris and the other Svengalis within the Republican Party had lied to him about the election outcome. That “Kenyan Muslim, Socialist, Communist, who went to community college, not Ivy League Harvard,” is going to sully the White House for four more years. But why is a devout capitalist calling for revolution? Doesn’t he see his absurd irony? Never mind, don’t answer, that man is a walking contradiction of buffoonery, corporate shark and banality.

Hey "Fox and Friends," The Donald and other doubting, bitter Republicans: He won, get over it. Yes the “community organizer” beat the “corporate raiding financier.” Try to muster up a little decency and class, pull your heads out of your “assets” and show some gracious “sportsmanship.” After-all, unless you’re planning on packing your bags to leave for cold or sunny off-shore destinations, he is going to be there for four more years. It’s going to be unpleasantly rough for your hypertension if you don’t have an attitude adjustment.

Look at it this way, religious Republicans who prayed for God to pick the better candidate: Your 40 days and nights of prayers paid off. According to you, God has clearly chosen. Keep the prayer marathons coming. We bleeding heart, mooching Liberals do so appreciate it and I'm sure the President does too.

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