Stephanie Weaver

Know how there are just some moments in your life that cannot be conveyed correctly through 140 characters of text? For instance, if you were at the World Series and your team won and the crowd went wild, a video demonstrates just how magical the moment was better than tweeting “The Red Socks won!”

Tout is looking to change how we interact through social media. Launched just 18 months ago as a spin-out from Stanford Research Institute, this innovative technological company in Silicon Valley has already gained over 55 million users.

What makes this company so appealing to users?

“It’s like a video-based Twitter,” said Tout’s CEO and founder, Michael Downing. “Users can upload 15-second video feeds and everything is played in real time. The platform also allows you to share your feed with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and more, all within 30 seconds.”

The importance of real time is changing the public’s demand for what they want on the web. People want to know what’s happening when it’s happening, not hours after the event took place. And thanks to the popularity of Instagram, Pinterest and photo sharing, visual media is slowly taking the place of text.

“Since we are visual creatures, the Internet will soon become more engaging visually with advanced technology,” stated Downing, “People would rather see the movie than read the book, if you get my drift.”

Not only are people catching onto Tout, big businesses are too. Red Bull, Nike, Coke and the Wall Street Journal are all users.

“We are seeing a lot of small businesses and startups, such as real estate companies and restaurants, getting Tout accounts,” said Downing. “It’s a new way they can connect with their consumers and it’s a real utility for businesses.”

Downing’s plan for Tout includes continuing to make the platform useful for people. He also wants Tout to provide a tangible way for companies to promote their products and services and generate revenue.

Be sure to visit Tout’s booth in the Exhibit Hall at ad:tech in New York!

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