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Seven masters of marketing will descend upon the Javits Center Wednesday for a variety of sessions and presentations making up the bulk of ad:tech's programming. Among the many presenters at the conference, these seven have been singled out for their expertise in a particular field.

Before the festival begins, here’s a primer to familiarize yourself with the masters and decide which sessions to attend:

Maarten L. Albarda: Mobile Marketing Master

With a long and eventful career in both advertising and marketing, former VP of Consumer Connections at InBev Maarten Albarda has a fascinating perspective on the evolution of mobile marketing. He has spoken at previous conferences on the process of coordinating advertising and marketing components for massive companies such as Coke and InBev.

When speaking about digital media in ’10 Albarda said, “We have not yet really understood the full impact of these various pieces of communication.” It will be interesting to see whether he feels that is still the case when he speaks about mobile marketing during his sessions.

Matt Mierzejewski: Search Marketing Master

Since joining RKG in 2005 as VP of PPC, Matt Mierzejewski has built his reputation as an online marketing guru. In overseeing RKG’s PPC clients, Matt works to keep at the forefront of the industry, leading him to participate in multiple roundtable and webinar sessions.

Due to his position as a Google SEM Beta Lead, Mierzejewski also remains at the cutting edge of search-based marketing, a topic he will elaborate on during his two sessions at ad:tech.

Nicole Delma: Email/CRM Marketing Master

If you have any interest in email marketing strategy, you will want to circle Nicole Delma’s sessions on your schedule. Besides leading the email marketing campaigns for Conde Naste, Getty Images and now J.Crew, Delma has carved a space for herself in the marketing world as a vocal supporter of ‘Data Minimalism’ as it pertains to email marketing and CRM (customer relationship management).

Delma is also tapped into the New York media scene, having founded the NY-based media group The Usual Crew. She will be speaking again in the city one borough down for the Social Retail Summit in January.

Frank Eliason: Social Marketing Master

What do customer service and social media have to do with one another? A ton if Frank Eliason is involved. He is the man who literally wrote the book on the intersection of customer service and marketing. After joining Comcast in ’07, Eliason revolutionized the corporate use of social media with the companies @ComcastCares campaign.

In his frequent interviews and blog posts, Eliason promotes his goal of achieving positive and responsible dialogue through social media. A true pioneer and iconoclast, his sessions will be mandatory attendance for anyone interested in social media.

Jonathan Haber: Tablet Marketing Master

Chief Innovation Officer of OMB Jonathan Haber has established himself as a noted and accomplished creative mind in the industry. After developing the Ignition Factory, a “creative catalyst” group within OMD that grew just one member to thirty over just three years, Haber was promoted to oversee all of the agencies innovation units.

After overseeing multiple incubator programs, including Pepsi10 and the GE/OMD Innovation Incubator, Haber has an experienced a unique perspective on how creative minds can influence and educate one another. “My job is to push the boundaries of every media type,” he says.

Sloan Broderick: Media Strategy Master

As the director of MediaCom Beyond Advertising, the branded content unit of MediaCom, Sloan Broderick leverages his uncommon experience in the digital sphere.

With success in everything from media awareness and acquisition campaigns, branded entertainment, brand development and interactive experience development for a cadre of major companies, Broderick offers a personal and broad view of digital media strategy.

Amber J. Lawson: Video Marketing Master

For Amber J. Lawson, Founder of the Transforming the World through Comedy and partner in The Opportunity Management Company, digital media is a laughing matter. With recognition and awards for her digital work from the Producers Guild of America and the National Association of Television Program Executives, Lawson is someone who lives at the intersection between entertainment and digital media.

After years in the industry, as Publisher at Babelgum and VP/Head of Video Programming and Originals and AOL, Lawson has set out to transform the world with her comedic social enterprise. She will speak on that initiative and more during her two events.

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