Jonathan Zimmerman

Of all the topics at this year’s ad:tech New York conference, data—how it’s collected, managed and utilized—may be the least sexy. But it is also undoubtedly one of the most important challenges and opportunities for today’s digital marketers. Three startup companies competing in the GE Data & Analytics, offer unique and surprising visions about where exactly our data-driven future can drive us.


LeadSift’s purpose is simple: “Turn Social Feeds into Local Leads.” But behind the simplicity lies an ingenuously elegant platform. Using LeadSift’s proprietary SMART Rank algorithm collects leads from Twitter using a broad range of indicators. For example, someone saying they “need a new phone” will be tagged, but so will someone saying, “my phone just broke.” The leads are then entered into a database that companies can search by location, category or keywords.

Not only does LeadSift collect and manage the leads, they also score them based on the lead’s “hotness,” or how ready they are to make a purchase. The scores are used to create a “buy exclusive” price for each lead, which means that a lead can only be purchased once.

LeadSift is a very young company, still in its pre-launch stage. But if they can deliver on their promise of usability and algorithmic accuracy, they should be making waves very soon.


BrightTag, another young startup, hopes to revolutionize an even more complex data mining process: Website tagging. Website tags have become a crucial tool in the drive toward personalized marketing in the digital age, and BrightTag wants to make them cleaner and meaner.

A tag is a bit of code on a website that collects data about the site’s visitors. As tags have progressed over the years from simple pixels to complicated programs, the task of managing them has become more and more difficult. Today, third-party providers have created a sophisticated network of “tag containers” and “piggybacking” links between sites, creating a vast network of data transfer and consumption.

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming that’s because it is. And that’s exactly where BrightTag hopes to come in. BrightTag wants to vastly improve the data collection process replacing the chaos of multiple third party tags with their transparent data collection tools. Their system cleans up all the cruft that bogs down sites and replaces it with an easier to use, easier to share and far more manageable solution.

Here’s hoping BrightTag will help all of us, users and data collectors, find a brighter and lighter online future.


Lastly, Relevvant is a SaaS (software as a service) platform for customer data. Their system compiles an impressively broad set of data from various sources: social media, location data, purchasing data and more. It leverages this data in real time, so marketers can engage instantly with their audiences.

Relevvant offers three products for a full 360 data-driven marketing platform. AMASS collects the rich data from audiences and customers and presents it to companies in easily read and managed formats. OBSERVE digs through the data using analytic tools to link data points and create psychographic user profiles and measure customer influence. Finally, ENGAGE completes the process by offering data-based campaign management tools, with live campaign optimization to leverage customer data to its fullest potential.

By taking companies fully from data collection to campaign optimization, with a stunning depth of data and wide array of analytic tools, Relevvant offers a new and exciting model for customer engagement.

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