James Stotter

This is Halloween Beggars Night 2012 in Central Ohio, and 100 trick-or treaters knocked on our door. They were an ideal sample, ranging in age from age 2 to teenagers, and among them could be the future leaders of America. So, I conducted a presidential election poll.

After each “beggar’s” (trick-or-treater) opening declaration of “trick-or-treat,” each was shown the bucket of goodies and asked the same question: “Who do you want to win the election?”

The overwhelming winner with 29 votes was “neither,” which was sometimes expressed as “none,” “I can’t stand either one,” or “They’re both creeps.”

Second place was a tie between “Huh?” and total silence, each with 22 votes. This was the overwhelming response of the two and three year olds and most of the four olds. All ages are estimates as there was no unmasked photo IDs required for trick-or-treat.

The results are:







While there was no early voting or absentee voting, most of the early respondents to the poll were Romney supporters. Obama supporters were in the majority for the second part of this chilly, windy, wet, raw evening, as the last remnants of Sandy’s storm system exited central Ohio.

Two apparent victims of Sandy’s fury were spotted. A large bird, possibly a very overweight Big Bird, apparently got swept into central Ohio, but was only visible from our inland vantage point across the street. Also, there was Little Bo Peep, who was still seeking her sheep.

Is this a prelude to Tuesday’s election? Time will tell. Stay tuned to http://www.allvoices.com for the latest.

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Methodological notes:

1) All three genders were represented, 46 girls, 46 boys, and 8 indeterminate (e.g.; was that Darth Vader or Darth Vaderette?).

2) Everything about this poll is well within the margin of error.