Veronica Roberts

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Here is why I am endorsing President Barack Obama

No one foresaw this disaster but now more than ever, we need to take a serious look at both men vying for the White House and what they stand for. Mega-storm Sandy has thrown this election in stark relief, for the devastation unleashed by this natural catastrophe shows the sharp distinction between what president Obama has done and how Republican nominee Mitt Romney thinks the government should operate.

President Obama feels strongly about government assistance for states hit hard by natural disasters. Mitt Romney feels we should dismantle FEMA, turn over helping devastated residents to local states and the private sector. However, Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, can’t stop singing the praises of President Obama for the prompt response to the state emergency now enacted for his state of NJ. Mitt might have a problem with that.

President Barack Obama feels strongly that not only is a safety net for low income families, a moral necessity as well as an economic one—he feels it should be strengthened. Mitt Romney says, “He is not worried about the poor.” In fact, he has called 47 percent of these hard-working Americans, lazy moochers who are are "entitled victims."

President Barack Obama believes in the sanctity of life but also believes in a woman's right to choose. He believes women should have control of their reproductive lives, not the government. He believes in equal pay for women. He believes in marriage equality. Mitt Romney doesn't believe in any of these things. He has said that as president, he will appoint Justices to the Supreme Court whom he prefers overturns Roe vs. Wade. He says he wants small government; less government intrusion and control in our lives--just not with women. Here he wants government "large and in charge" of women's most intimate decisions. His wants an amendment to the constitution clearly restricting marriage as being only between a man and a woman. His fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill has voted down the Lilly Letbetter Fair Pay Act, opposing equal pay for women.

President Barack Obama feels health insurance for every citizen is a sound economic investment in our country, for a healthy nation is a productive nation. In fact Winston Churchill had the same idea, once saying that, “a healthy people are the best asset of any nation.” Mitt Romney says one of his first executive business if elected, is to work on repealing healthcare for millions who desperately need coverage. He proposes we turn it back over to the greedy insurances companies, who let the sick die because they have a pre-existing condition.

President Barack Obama believes in affordable education and also believes that every child should be able to have access to higher education, be it college, grad school or vocational school, so that they can better compete in an ever advancing, competitive world. One Republican presidential candidate on the campaign trail once said that the president was “a snob” for advocating that every child should get an education. Seems the GOP thinks education is only for the rich.

President Barack Obama feels people like himself who can afford to pay a little more, should. Mitt Romney wants to make tax breaks for the wealthy permanent. He has signed a pledge to never ever ask the rich to pay more.

President Barack Obama believes 9/11 first responders who fell ill after risking their lives to save us, deserves some medical help. Mitt Romney’s Republicans in Washington repeatedly voted no to helping our heroes. The worst terrorist attack on American soil on September 11, 2001, happened over 10 years ago. The bill to help first responders like firemen, police officers, EMT workers, among others was passed only two year ago.

President Barack Obama feels there should be a balanced approach to reducing our deficit—that everyone should participate in the sacrifice needed to achieve that goal. Mitt Romney wants to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class, with the very wealthy like himself, exempted.

President Barack Obama passed legislation to rein in the borderline fraudulent and risky practices on Wall St, big banks and the rest of the financial sector—to ensure America is never driven to the edge of an economic cliff as we were pushed during the cataclysmic financial crash of 2008. Mitt Romney wants to roll back all regulation and wants the financial sector to police themselves.

President Obama wants America to become energy independent as well as pursue alternative sources of energy but wants us to do so responsibly and safely. Mitt Romney wants to roll back all regulations and do as his fellow Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Plain said we should do during the last election, “Drill, baby drill.”

When the auto industry was in trouble, President Obama ochestrated a successful rescue. Mitt Romney joked about his wife owning a couple of cadillacs but nonetheless had proposed letting the auto industry go bankrupt. Now he wants to take credit for something he didn't so. Isn't that cheating?

President Obama believes when an overwhelming amount of scientists and evidence show that global warming is real and wants us to take it seriously; work towards sound solutions. Mitt Romney poked fun at that idea during the Republican Convention in Tampa, saying the president is worried about the rising tides, while he is worried about the economy. I don’t think he has the vision to see they will be connected in the future, for one is bound to have an adverse effect on the other.

Plus Governor Romney, a president should be able to multi-task, shouldn’t he/she? I supposed a President Romney cannot work on the economy and global warming at the same time.

I can go on and on about the things President Obama has done and proposes to do in his second term but we will be here all day and night. You’re smart; so looking at both candidates, you can clearly see who is better suited to run this country. Vote for President Barack Obama. Let him finish what he started. The country is slowly but surely climbing out of that dark financial hole we were plunged into four years ago by Republican President George W. Bush. Don't let Romney take us back to the policies of those failed years.

The job numbers are looking optimistic at 7.8 percent, consumers are tentatively spending again; house prices are on the rise; we are preparing to draw down from Afghanistan and have already withdrawn from Iraq--mapping America's active military exit from the Middle East. Don’t let Mitt Romney come in and take credit for what the president has started—for America will rise again as surely as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

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