Michael Foster

When it comes to mobile advertising, Resource stays true to its independent roots. As the largest independent digital agency in the country - with high-profile clients such as Kohl's, Victoria Secret, and Nestle – Resource fundamentally believes in creating meaningful engagement between brands and consumers within the context of their lives and preferences.

"From an ad buying perspective, we tend to be somewhat platform agnostic," said Rob Heckman, VP of Performance Marketing and Media for Resource. “It’s really about understanding the target consumer and digging deeply into their consumption habits and communication preferences. When we think about mobile, it's more than a platform: it's an increasingly critical touch point that provides unique opportunities from one device to the next. Our focus is on listening to consumers – both literally and figuratively – and crafting lasting, integrated strategies across creative, technology and media."

At Resource, mobile advertising strategies involve addressing audiences across platforms so that they see the brand's message in a way that is meaningful and interesting. "It's not all about jamming dollars through a particular channel. It’s about applying rigor to the selection of the right technologies and appropriate platforms for a brand or campaign. The end result has to be delivery of inclusive campaigns that reach across devices and channels, meeting the consumer where they’d prefer to be met" said Heckman.

The key, according to Heckman, is to look at how the consumer engages with media and technologies instead of focusing on ad dollar allocation first. "There are an increasing number of new opportunities within paid, earned and owned media. Our approach is to discover how a brand’s target is most likely to want to be introduced to a product or be offered a discount or promotion" Heckman told me. "Today’s media landscape is more fragmented than ever and the consumer is truly at the wheel. Brand equity is fleeting unless there is a strong relationship built on the consumer’s terms".

How can agencies do this? Resource's Executive Creative Director Mark Hillman will discuss how the company used a variety of platforms in its recent Purina campaign to target the right people at the right time on a variety of channels. Mark will present a case study of how various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be combined with other platforms like YouTube to allow reach on one platform to feed into another.

"Mark's talk will really highlight the benefits of utilizing paid, owned, and earned media to successfully promote a large-scale campaign," said Kristyn Wilson, Associate Director of Media Relations at Resource Interactive.

Mark will be speaking in Wednesday's session, "Cross-Platform Media Strategy: Advanced Reach and Targeting" alongside Merkle's Megan Pagliuca, Motrola's Melissa Grady, and Mediacom Beyond Advertising's Sloan Broderick.

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