Veronica Roberts

Why do you vote?

The hard-working ladies at are doing an interesting survey on why we vote and have compiled some of those results at Momsrising: Member Stories. You can visit their site to give your reasons for going to the polls this November or leave it in the comments section below this article.

So why do you vote? We hear celebrities, politicians in ads on television, billboards, on radio, the Internet, in print, on the telephone and even knocking on your front door, folks urging you to get out and vote this election cycle, but do you know why you do it?

What is your personal reason for participating in the election process? Some voters say they are exercising their democratic rights. Others say they are concerned about the state of the country. Many say they are attempting to safeguard their children’s future; the reasons run the gamut.

My son turned 18 this year, so he will be voting for the first time. He filled out his online registration, mailed it in and has already gotten back his card showing that he is officially ready to cast his ballot. Four years ago he was 14 so he couldn’t vote, though he was a Hillary Clinton guy. I asked him why he wasn’t supporting Barack Obama and he said it was time to give a woman a chance; men have been messing up forever. We had many arguments and though young, he is smart as a whip and defended his position brilliantly. (Secretly I knew he had some valid points)!

These days, there are a slew of heavy skeptics who say they are disillusioned with America’s political cesspool and the destructive two-party systems currently entrenched. They say the democratic process is a farce and that plutocracy now rules the land. These folks say it doesn’t matter if the Republican or the Democratic Party is in power, the end results are going to be similar: Special interests, which include lobbyists, corporations and the very rich, have a stranglehold on our government because politicians are forever beholden to those who paid for their tickets to Washington. Big campaign donations ensure that the plutocrats continue to be in charge and as long as our electoral process is run the way it is, the systemic corruption will prevail.

The two sides are involved in what ails this country. It’s the “good cop, bad cop,” scam being run in Washington. Republican and Democratic candidates get their big campaign dollars from the same folks: Big banks, Wall Street and corporations all looking for pay-back down the road. Super PACs are formed in exchange for tax exemptions. Then there's deregulation, outsourcing exemptions, subsidies, tax breaks, bailouts.

The two party “scam” works brilliantly for the righ- and left-winged media feeds the public daily doses of partisan propaganda, which in turn successfully keep voters fighting with each other—so vehemently engaged defending their political affiliation, that they are blinded by the real problem; blinded when the robber-barons in Washington “sell out or clean out” the federal coffers.

Meanwhile the highest court in the land is going the way of the politicians—down the partisan path to destruction. When president s go to the White House, they stock the Supreme Court with Justices who best reflect their views. Mitt Romney has already promised to pick judges who he says he will “prefer” overturning Roe vs. Wade. Citizens United has singularly succeeded in completely hijacking campaigns because the Supreme Court allowed them to.

There are four other presidential candidates that most of America hasn’t even heard of. Why? Their debate was practically ignored by most of the media, with only C-SPAN offering coverage. One of the candidates, Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein said she was tied to a chair for hours because she showed up at the last presidential debate to demand she be included. I guess this is what for the people, by the people, of the people looks like.

So we cast our vote to actively participate in our democracy but are we or is the joke on us? Maybe as we do things like wait in line for hours to buy the latest iPhone from Apple, Nike sneakers, or upcoming Black Friday sale at the malls across America, we should ponder what our future and our children’s will look like.

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