Veronica Roberts

Men, do you want to live longer? Find out the shocking secret to your longevity.

We humans are forever in search of the fountain of youth and researchers say they may have found it. But only for guys, sorry gals. Maybe next time.

However there is a twist and something tells me men will hate it and not many of them would be lining up for the chop shop.

According to this Healthy Living article The Secret to Long Life for Men Korean researchers have found that men who were castrated, like Eunuchs, outlived their counterparts by as much as 14 to 19 years. They studied men born in 1392 to 1910 and found that of 81 Eunuchs, three lived to be at least 100 and the others maybe longer.

Ouch! The report claimed scientists studied the member s of the ancient Korean Choson Ming Dynasty and discovered that men whose sexual organs were removed enjoyed a much longer life than those who didn’t. During that historical period, men who wanted to work in the palace had to be castrated so they could move freely and serve the women of the Emperor. I guess that way, the men in the royal family did not have to worry about anyone of their servants “creeping” with their wives and concubines.

Darn. Men would give up having sex to work in a palace? Males were made differently back then huh, for I can’t imagine any 21st century man giving up sex to live longer, much less work in a palace.

The study also showed that the reduced testosterone in men who have been castrated may be the reason for the longevity. So if male hormones shorten life, that might explain women outliving their husbands.

Men, would you give up your genitals, foregoing ever having the pleasure of sex, to extent your life-span?