Maryann Tobin

Like much of Mitt Romney's words throughout his 2012 presidential campaign, facts have been declared irrelevant, especially if they don't favor Romney.

Therefore, true to form, the Romney team discredited all three snap polls following Monday night's foreign policy debate, in Boca Raton, Fla., which showed President Obama the clear winner.

"Last night, Mitt Romney convincingly won the debate," according to the Romney campaign's daily update reported on Politico.

Yes, you heard that right. And it's so outrageous, I hope SNL finds a spot for it on "Weekend Update" with Seth Meyers.

According to the Romney campaign, all the debate poll numbers were wrong.

Now where have we heard that before? Hint; the unemployment rate when it fell to 7.8% in October, and most polls that show President Obama with any substantial lead.

Despite assertions to the contrary, the facts do include a Public Policy Polling result that gave President Obama a 53 to 42 percent win over Romney in the foreign policy debate.

President Obama also scored 53% to Romney's 23%, in the CBS News instant poll of 521 likely voters.

And lets not leave out the CNN poll that declared Obama the foreign policy debate winner, 48 to 40 percent, over Romney.

There does seem to be a pattern here.

Denying reality seems to be a Romney-thing that glides alongside streams of gaffes, flip flops, and odd expressions, some of which include remarks on how trees are just the right height in Michigan, and advice to students to ask their parents for money to pay for college if they can't get student loans.

But there is more to Romney's repertoire of disconnect than just being the embodiment of jelly and fog.

With hints of sweat glistening on his upper lip during the Obama foreign policy debate, Romney declared that Syria is landlocked and is bordered by Iran.

All we can hope for is that if Romney decides to drop bombs on anyone, (if elected) he double checks a map first. I think they're on sale on Aisle 12 at Costco, right next to where Mitt buys all his shirts.

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