Veronica Roberts

Ann Romney, again radiant in red, visited the women of ABC’s talk show "The View" on Thursday sans hubby. A scheduling conflict was the reason given for Mitt Romney’s absence, after he had promised to be on the show.

One of their five sons accompanied Ann, I guess to protect her from the “sharp-tongued” ladies of the weekly daytime gabfest. President Obama and first lady Michelle have already put in their appearance during the week of the United Nations Summit, foregoing all sit-downs with visiting global dignitaries. They did get major flak from Republicans for what they saw as a snub of UN leaders.

Ann Romney cracked jokes, telling co-hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg; Joy Behar, Sherrie Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, that Romney didn’t say “sharp-tongued women” but rather “sharp and young” which set the ladies giggling, effectively breaking the ice.

But it wasn’t too long before the women started asking questions on issues Ann Romney loves to avoid, like abortion and why none of her five sons have ever felt the patriotic calling of serving in the military.

She deflected as best she could, saying her sons serve their country in other ways, like Mormon missionary duties and working as a doctor. Until Whoopi asked her how she would answer a mother who has to bury her child killed in Afghanistan or Iraq.  There was no way she could answer that question adequately so she again tried to muster up a plausible one, rambling on about her husband attending every funeral when he was governor of Massachusetts.

I guess the Romney boys weren’t meant for war and are following in dad’s footsteps. No, war and dying on the front lines are only for our children, husbands, brothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, neighbors, friends. By the way, can we equate missionary work with serving in the military? Just thought I would ask.

Then the co-hosts asked her visiting son about his brother Tagg wanting “to take a swing at President Obama” comment, to which he jokingly replied that he had been on the receiving end of Tagg’s “swing” so the president had “nothing to worry about.” Said his brother was merely joking. Again, using humor to deflect. (Check out Tagg in action here:

But there was one strange exchange between guest and hosts when the lone proven friend on the panel, conservative Hasselbeck, asked her about her 43-year-relationship with her beloved husband. Ann Romney chuckled when she said she and Mitt had drifted apart during his 3 1/2 years away in France and how she had dated other people, almost forgetting about poor young Mitt, until he finally completed his mission (church mission, not the military--I already told you they were allergic to that kind of serving—most of the very wealthy’s offspring are).

She said when he returned home, the years melted away and they magically picked up where they had left off; jokingly saying he had been hospitalized in France for being lovesick over her.  I read that Romney did spend time in a hospital while in France decades ago, but it wasn’t for the flippant reasons Ann Romney joked about on "The View" or maybe he had two stints in the hospital—one where he almost died and the other because Ann broke his heart?

According to the New York Times, young 21-year-old Romney was in a serious car accident on June 16, 1968, where someone died and he almost lost his life as well. In fact the report said he was pronounced dead on the scene but miraculously survived and spent a long time in the hospital.

He was also the one driving when the deadly collision occurred. One of the six passengers in the car died. Leola Anderson was reportedly the wife of the president of his Mormon mission, H. Duane Anderson. (Read it here: Survivors recall tragic car crash in France with Romney ).

So why was Ann joking about that time in her husband’s life? Maybe it was a serious case of nerves or more?

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