Veronica Roberts

It seems to be getting uglier as countdown to Nov. 6, Election Day, continues. The usual furor over the presidential debate is still ongoing and one more controversy is brewing. One of Mitt Romney's sons, Tagg, said he wanted to hit President Obama during Tuesday night's debate.

Click on the above audio to hear Tagg say during a Bill LuMaye radio interview on Wednesday that he wanted to rush the stage and take "a swing" at the president.

The Bill LuMaye Show is aired on WPTF 680 AM and 850 AM in Raleigh, N.C. and Tagg was out pounding the pavement and drumming up support for his father.

After dropping by the talk radio show for a little Q & A, Tagg responded to this LuMaye's question, "I want to ask something that I know a lot of people want to know or at least I do, 'what is it like for you to hear the president of the United States call your dad a liar?'"

Tagg responded, with a chuckle,"Well, eh, you jump out of your seat, you want to rush down and take a swing at him."

Tagg went on to say he couldn't rush the stage and beat the hell out of the president because he was surrounded by the Secret Service. Well, he didn't use those words exactly but taking a swing means the same thing where I come from---give him a beat-down.

Instead of saying it was a poor joke and I respect the office of the president--he added fuel to the fire by saying he didn't jump President Obama because he had protection. I guess if he was alone Tagg would have taught him a lesson or two about messing with the Romneys.

Never mind his father also called the president a liar. (Remember that painfully awkward tussle over whether Obama had called the Benghazi killings a terrorist attack or not one day after in the White House's Rose Garden and moderator Candy Crowley had to fact-check Romney on the spot?)

But how dare President Obama call his father a liar, even though he has "inelegantly" stretched the truth and flip-flopped on numerous occasions. Even former President Bill Clinton is calling him a liar on his tax plan. (read more on that here:

Shocked? I'm not.

Compliments the Political Carnival website, you can listen to the entire audio here.

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