Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Indian-born conservative author Dinesh D’Souza is almost as prolific as his female conservative fellow traveler, Ann Coulter. He is certainly becoming as well known as Ms. Coulter for his likewise often-times gratuitous and inflammatory declarations generally about all things “liberal,” but most particularly his literary and spoken daggers targeting President Obama.

Of course, as reported here on Allvoices.com, http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/13084536-2016-the-movie-about-obama-here-in-full-by-the-director-of-schindlers-list, the Harvard and Princeton professor has recently expanded his penchant for writing and speaking to include film production. He has released something called "2016: Obama's America," a high-grossing “documentary” which purports to investigate and expose Obama’s communist and socialist roots. The film follows two books by D’Souza, "The Roots of Obama’s Rage" (2011) and "Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream" (2012). As suggested by their titles, both the movie and his books condemn the president as “foreign,” “un-American,” “illegitimate,” etc. You get the picture.

This article, however, is not a review of either the movie or his books. This article is intended to expose Mr. D’Souza himself as the real fraud and hypocrite, and one who has lost, if ever he had any, credibility when it comes to critiquing anyone else's “morals” or “legitimacy.”

According to the Associated Press, Dr. D’Souza is himself under investigation by King’s College, the evangelical college which in 2010 named the good Dr. D’Souza as its president. That investigation has revealed what must go down as the most ironic of all ironies of this soon to be historic year: To wit, the married college president and former Harvard and Princeton professor, good Dr. D'Souza, was seen at a retreat/conference, sponsored by the very school over which he presides, openly shacking up with “another woman” in their shared hotel room. The retreat's stated purpose was to inculcate “Christian values” among today’s youth, and carried the officious-sounding, high-minded, yet supremely pious title and goal of delivering “Truth for a New Generation.” The conference, therefore, was attended by a large number of fresh-faced and presumably abstemious and virginal college-aged kids. No matter. Apparently, irony and hypocrisy were part of room service. The whole tawdry affair took place during the weekend of Sept. 28 in South Carolina.

In a press conference, the King’s College Board revealed the investigation last week on the same day that the conservative Christian newsmagazine WORLD first broke the story. WORLD said that D’Souza was actually confronted at the hotel about why he was sharing a room with a “woman not his wife.” He told them that the so far unnamed woman was his fiancée.

After the retreat/conference, D’Souza immediately filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie, according to California court records. In a telephone interview with the Associated Press, D’Souza tried to defend himself, indicating that he and wife Dixie had been “living in a state of separation for two years.” And, he specifically denied sharing the room with “the other woman." “Obviously, I wouldn’t have introduced her as my fiancée if I thought we were doing anything improper,” D’Souza said.

Well…whether they were shacking up or not, in addition to filing for divorce from Dixie, D’Souza has also now called off the engagement to “the other woman.”

The lofty mission of King’s College is to groom young Christians for leadership roles in all areas of society, both here and throughout the world.

Once considered one of the Republican Party’s brightest stars, D’Souza is a former policy analyst in the Reagan Administration.

His new film has been panned by most objective observers as mere “character assassination” of the president. Still, it has approached liberal film maker Michael Moore’s efforts by becoming the fourth-highest grossing documentary ever. Moore's "Fahrenheit 911," released in 2004, holds the top spot.

I fear that D’Souza’s career as a conservative social critic and commentator may be coming to an end. Certainly his career as a college president is in jeopardy. The King’s College board chairman, Andy Mills, has stated through Mark DeMoss, the school’s spokesman, that, “While our board had been aware of some of these details, we were not aware of others.”

He continued, though, in an even more ominous tone: “….be assured we take seriously our charge to teach a compelling worldview rooted in the Bible and expect all of our leaders to model Christian character and integrity in their public and private lives.”


What we have here is yet another case of right-wing conservative hypocrisy – this time from academia.

The two best examples of this for me (and there are so many to choose from) are these:

Remember former Education Secretary Bill Bennett? He’s still pontificating daily on right-wing radio. He incessantly judges, condemns and moralizes about just how bad Obama is. Those who support him are even worse, he says. This guy was busted a few years ago gambling away some $8 million in Las Vegas over one alcohol-fueld weekend, just after he had published a very thick and heavy, coffee-table-ready tome entitled, "The Book of Virtue."

Rush Limbaugh is just too easy, but I can’t help myself. I love to just watch him work – a thing of beauty. We all know the Viagra story – how he was caught at LAX with mega-doses of the “erectile dysfunction” drug just after landing from a trip to Central America. (The "age of consent" in the country from which he had come was something like 14).

We also all know the story of how his use of oxycotin (“poor man’s heroin”) cost him his hearing. Not good for a radio disc jockey. We also know how he used his housekeeper as his connection for the drug -- and how he once said that drug addicts should be put to death.

Limbaugh is the titular head of the Republican Party. Because of his large “dittohead” audience (he says 20 million a week), no Republican Party official, elected or otherwise, dares to cross him.

So, D’Souza now joins a long, long line of Republican Party, “conservative,” right-wing liars, deniers, libelers, alibi-ers, and just plain old hypocrites.

Welcome to the club, Dinesh.

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