Veronica Roberts

President Obama definitely showed up for Tuesday's debate at Hofstra University on Long Island in New York. There was no "empty chair" moment this time around and the general consensus is he won this second bout.

But we know there will be partisan pundits playing party politics so the Republican talking heads, always reluctant to play fair, had him with a slight lead for the night. Still others say Romney won for Obama was angry.

Here we go. The angry black man comment rears its ugly head. When he remained cool in the first debate, he was labeled a “wimp." So he switches it up, does a 180 and he is "the angry man."

But who was really the angry one? Take a look at the above pic and caption it. What does that face say to you?

Seems the poor president can't win either way. The last debate he was pounded on mercilessly for being missing in action, Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" personified, a pushover and all the negatives his critics could come up with. In addition, those sharp critics came from both sides, with Democrats leading the way to the stake with their torches held high.

Suffice it to say his supporters were mad at his performance. Tuesday night, he restored their faith in him and that moment where he pointed his finger in deep indignation at Romney and told him in no uncertain terms that he "was offended," was pure debate gold.

Obama was clearly upset that the GOP nominee was implying that he willingly put ambassador Chris Stevens and the three others who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, at risk, and he let Romney know it. "That's not what I do as president, that's not what I do as Commander in Chief."

Romney did give as good as he got, but there were times when his testiness showed. His aggressive style, which worked in the first debate, somehow seemed off in this one, whereas Obama looked energized and passionate. One of the highlights of the night was when moderator Candy Crowley had to fact check the former Massachusetts governor for practically calling the president a liar. Romney accused the president of lying when he said he had called the Benghazi killings a terrorist attack one day after it happened. Crowley assured him that Obama did use the word terrorist during his Rose Garden press conference.

Who do you think won the debate?

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