Veronica Roberts

Satire: the funny side of the extremely serious

"Put the white back in the White House." That was the slogan emblazoned in big bold letters on the back of a T-shirt worn by a supporter of the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan team.

I must commend his honesty, for he did have the balls to put it out there. Many others feel exactly as he does--including some of our esteemed elected political, judicial and religious leaders but they usually hide behind code words and phrases like President Obama is "un-American, Kenyan Muslim; Socialist, Communist; does not understand our Anglo-Saxon culture; not one of us; does not think like we do; has an anti-colonial world view; if Obama wins I will lead the charge in the civil war which will erupt, etc. You get the picture.

(Check out the civil war touting judge here:

All of the of the above were said by high-ranking Republicans officials including Mitt Romney himself, Newt Gingrich, Judge Tom Head of Texas, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. Allmost all the "Friends" over at Fox have called him a communist, socialist, Wall Street/big bank-loving capitalist. (I know it doesn’t make sense but don’t worry, it never does and doesn’t have to when you bash the president, it just has to be incessantly loud, consistent and repetitive).

So this November, vote Romney-Ryan to restore the pristine "whiteness" of the White House, built by many slaves but never intended for any of their descendants, even "half-breed colored,” such as Barack Hussein Obama and his "non-white" family. America needs to vote out those who have “sullied those hallowed halls.” Yes his mother was white, but she tainted herself by lying down with that black man, and you know the one drop of black blood rule, right?

What was America thinking when it broke its long streak of white men the Oval Office was intended for by electing Obama the 44th president? I guess America had a momentary lapse in judgment, but the Tea Party backed Republican Party is now running the show with the loyal subsidiary Fox News, to get the word out that this election cycle, no such mistake must be made.

If voters must be suppressed to reach that goal, so be it. If Romney has to “inelegantly” stretch the truth, or flip-flop to morph his agenda to suit the religious, extreme zealots on the right, so be it. If "lying Ryan" has to up the fibs to get there, like pretend to volunteer at a soup kitchen for a photo op or hide the dangerous details of his Path to Prosperity plan, so be it. If Fox News has to launch an outright propaganda assault on a 24-hour cycle, so be it. If Ann Romney has to go on television to pretend she cooks or that she and hubby Mitt had humble beginnings and ate tuna in a basement when they were young, to better feign connection to the masses, then so be it.

Every and any thing must be done to oust Barack Hussein Obama from the sacred halls of Our Founding Fathers’ White House. Are you in? If not, prepare for Civil War if he’s stiill there and not preparing to leave on Nov. 7.

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